M Merch: Michael Jackson Press Conferences & Store Signings DVD

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I am coming with you today to review a Michael Jackson DVD that I got last week. I received this DVD as a Christmas present and I was immediately drawn in because I've never seen it in stores before. I took lots of pictures so that you guys could see what everything looks like on the inside.

Here is how the gift was wrapped underneath the Christmas tree. I love the color pink and having it as the accent color on this vintage looking gift bag was so pretty.

 This is how the front cover looks. (Impostor Alert: That signature does NOT look like M's typical signature does it? Haha.)

These pictures above show the inside booklet, the disc, and the two Thriller era postcards included. Not bad.

Needless to say, this item is not an official Michael Jackson item that has been approved by the estate but, the contents are interesting and in quite good quality. Some of the moments you will find on here include the full Invincible album signing and the Victory Tour tickets press conference. If you have a few extra bucks to splurge and are the type of fan who loves to watch M simply being M, I would recommend this DVD to you.

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