creating a Michael Jackson framed collage

I have heard from a lot of you guys that are interested in decorating your homes and rooms with Michael but, don't want to look like a typical teenager-fan room. Although there's nothing wrong with newspaper clippings, posters, etc hanging all over (trust me... my room was like this for years!).

I want to take a few moments out to share with you a very creative way to show your love for Michael in any living space that you choose.

First, you will need some Michael Jackson books, magazines, or mini posters that you do not mind cutting up. I personally used this MICHAEL book. It's a book from the 80's that I got on eBay a couple years back. I have two copies so, I decided to flip through and find some vintage photos.

I ended up choosing some photos of Michael from the Triumph tour. You can arrange the photos however you like but, I opted to have one main photo and have some of the smaller ones surrounding it. As you can see, my walls are a deep, bright yellow so, I think the black and white photos are a great contrast to the rest of the room decor.

 Here are some closer shots of my Triumph Tour collages.

In order to do this project you need some Record Album Frames . I got mine as a gift a few months back and held onto them until now. You can get similar ones for your Do-It-Yourself collage on Amazon.
I would recommend getting photos from a similar performance, era, or appearance. This will give a fluid and coherent look to your frame. 

Have any of you done any cool projects to Michaelize your room? 

i heart mj tee shirts

The I HEART MJ tee is one of the most basic types of fan shirts there is around. The message is loud and clear. I love the look because it's so simple and that's what makes it fun to wear.

throwback photo of me, circa 2005

I have a few I Heart MJ Tees but, these are some of the favorites that I've found and listed for you below.

(Reload Clothing)


Michael Jackson I Heart Baby Doll Tee
(Stylin Online)


Shop the Look!

 1. Reload Clothing I Glove MJ Tee       

 4. Amazon UK Children's This is It I Heart MJ Tee

This is turning out to be a pretty busy week for me but, to me, it's always better to be more busy than bored. I have been having really busy days at work but, this weekend I am looking forward to going snow tubing with some of my MJ friends. I also am working on a big project with the Legacy of Love Team. Legacy of Love is one of the largest and most active groups here in New York City and it's been where I've met the most MJ fan friends.

Don't forget to check back here this weekend for another awesome Michael Jackson inspired fashion post!


Stylish Michael Jackson Stationary Finds

Like everyone else I'm sure, my fandom and facination with Michael Jackson was no secret to those around me in high school. I wore MJ t-shirts daily, hung photos up of him in my locker, and even performed to "Dangerous" in the high school talent show. I have since graduated (3 times, haha!) but, I am still in love with personalizing my life and everyday items with Michael. Hey, if you've got to use it... why not Michaelize It?

A little over a year ago some fan friends and I discovered this great collection of Michael Jackson stationary by Continental Accessory. I was in my last year of graduate school so I definetely got a great use out of the notebooks and pen. Actually, I have the pen at work and I keep it in the private section of my desk (don't want anyone else touching my beloved MJ pen!).

Shop Michael Jackson Stationary

I really think that these are great options for showing how much you love MJ. And maybe you might be more motivated to study if you are using fun accessories like these during your classes.

My MJ Notebook and Pen.

Isn's that so pretty altogether?
I am on the lookout for more merchandise so if any of you guys know if any, let me know!
Until next time... XOXO.


Michael Jackson Lookbook: Captain EO

 Michael Jackson in HIS Captain EO shirt :)

What I'm Wearing:
Captain EO Shirt, Disney World
Sweater, H&M
Leggings, Victoria's Secret
Bracelet, H&M
Watch, Avon
Boots, Easy Spirit

I had a really relaxing weekend and I am happy that I got to catch up on some much needed rest. We had the first snowfall of the year here in New York City (actually, only the 2nd snowfall of the winter!) so I was happy to just stay inside, warm and cozy with a few good books and my laptop.

On Friday night, I went out to pick up a few things at the drugstore after work and since I wasn't going far, I decided to get out of my work clothes and put on something more suitable to my mood. This tweed sweater is super comfy and the texture is quite busy so, I kept my bottom simple, with black leggings and dark boots. For those of you who aren't familiar, the shirt I am wearing is a replica of the Rainbow Shirt that Michael wore in Captain EO.

I was super excited to have had the oppurtunity to see Captain EO at Disney World last summer and I had to pick up all of the merchandise as well. I got plenty of t-shirts, keychains, magnets, and even a poster. I am not too sure that you can still find this shirt from any authorized retailers but, I know that ebay might have some up for sale. The only thing that I didn't get were the stuffed animal replicas of Hooter and the Puffball (I think that was his name? haha). If you are interested, there are a couple of options for purchasing online. You can try here for Puffball and here for Hooter.

Anyway, I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! Let me know that you think about my outfit, I'd love to hear your comments!


The loss of a legend. Rest in Peace, JoePa

I am a proud Penn State University alum and I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of our beloved football coach of 46 years, Joe Paterno, or as us Penn Staters lovingly call him, JoePa.

He was a positive role model and deeply influenced the lives of the hundreds of young men that he coached, not to mention the general student body. As much as the athletic programs made the University, JoePa always stressed the importance of education. He was an example of a man who lead a decent and fulfilled life, someone who made "an impact". He was the reason that Penn State, is the university that so many of us Penn Staters hold true to our hearts. I am so proud to have been a part of the legacy and want to express my deepest sympathies to fellow PSUers and the Paternos.

(Personal Collection, me on the far right, at Beaver Stadium)
My time at Penn State changed my life and helped to make me the woman I am today. I chose to go to Penn State because I wanted to belong, to feel like I was a part of something significant. Something meaningful.

I'll never forget football Saturdays, the parades, hanging out at the Hub, the late nights in downtown State College, the crisp Autumn days walking to class, feeling of belonging to this great community.

We are students, faculty, alumni, athletes, scholars. We are all a part of an amazing legacy. We need to hold on to each other and the memories we've made. We must never forget who we are.



Merchandise Review: Michael Jackson Pendant

Last night after work I was treated (by one of my best friends) to some yummy Thai food at one of my favorite restaurants here in the city. I chose pineapple chicken fried rice and the food was super delicious!

Anyway, it was one of the few times I wore my Michael pendant and the first time I've worn it in 2012! I wish I would've taken pictures of my entire outfit but, I did want to share one of my favorite pieces in my Michael Jackson collection.

I picked this beauty up in Tokyo, Japan back in 2010. I visited Japan in May to go see some friends and go shopping for a few days. Needless to say, when I heard that the Michael Jackson estate was bringing the lifetime collection to Japan, I knew that I had to make a pitstop.

Not only did I have to make time to check out the exhibition (twice!), I also had to make a stop at the gift shop!

As you can see, it came in this really cute jewelry box with that 1980's MJ logo on it-- classic!

I love how unique this necklace is, particularly because of the golden tassel at the bottom. It kind of easily catches on clothing but, if you guys are anything like me, you are very careful with your MJ merchandise anyway so, no real cause for concern there.

Here are a few close-ups of the necklace. Whenever I have worn it, it's been an absolute hit!

I don't have much in my King of Pop jewelry collection but, I am always on the lookout.
Some great places to find necklaces and bracelets are on and on !

Do you know of any great places to find MJ jewelry?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time...



Song Review: "All I Do Is Think Of You" Jackson 5

 I am an 80's baby but, I found myself at the height of my obsession with Jackson 5 music somewhere around 8th and 9th grade. No one could tell me that the Jackson 5 debuted almost 20 years before I was even born! I was listening to Jackson 5 compliation CDs on my discman, from the time I woke up in the morning, to when I laid my head on the pillow at night. I identified with so many of the songs back then, as I do now but, being in the same age group as Michael was when he recorded, made me feel an especially strong connection.

“I begun to take the long way home
Just so I can be alone
(To think of how to say)
You’re fine in every way
Hey I’m in love with you
I think the world of you
Oh, won’t you please, please be mine”

Many people my age first heard the song "All I Do Is Think of You" when the Bad Boy Group, B5 covered it in 2005. Others before my generation may have come to be familiar with the song with the Troop cover. It was no surprise to me that this song became a hit again and again each time it was covered but, I felt priveleged to have known the original in all it's glory.

This 1975 song was the final charted single before the Jackson 5 left Motown, to become the Jacksons on Epic Records.

The lyrics are quite simple and the theme is that of teenage love. It doesn't just end there though.

Michael does this sort of begging on the song (well, not pathetic- get away from me creep! begging). It's similar to that of the pleading and begging found on "Lady In My Life" and remisicent of the end of "You Are Not Alone". It's the type of singing that makes you feel that Michael is 1000% into what he is singing and makes you feel that he's talking to you!

I'd recommend this song to anyone who's got a crush that's only moments in the making or anyone that is just trying to get more into Jackson 5 music and doesn't know where to start. Do you find yourself thinking about that person non-stop and anxiously awaiting the next time you'll meet?

"All I Do Is Think Of You " is on amazon for only 99 cents!

Listen to this song and let me know what your thoughts are!


Flowers for Michael.

I was browsing MJJCommunity the other day and came across a thread that talked about the possibility of the Sunflowers for Michael program coming to an end...

Thankfully, I got in touch with the organizer and she clarified that this is not true!

So happy to hear that and even more excited to pass along the news about this program.

For those of you that aren't familiar, Sunflowers for Michael is a program set up by fans in California. These fans deliver messages and flowers from fans who have donated small amounts of money online and written their heartfelt thoughts and reflections about Michael. These flowers and cards are place inside Michael's room in Holly Terrace.

Unfortunately, as time passes by, as forum traffic seemingly slows down, and as many fans are finding different ways to fit Michael into their lives after his passing... one has to wonder....

Who really cares anymore?

I know that I do. I know that so many longtime fans still care. I know that my fan friends that have just recently become fans still care. I know that his friends and family still care.

The world still cares and misses Michael Jackson.
This is why programs like this one continue to exist.

I am making this post to call attention to all fans. If you are interested in bringing a bit of warmth and sunshine to Michael, check out

Just thought I'd spread a bit of love. I'll be back later this week with an MJ-inspired outfit of the day.

Until next time...


Merchandise Review: Michael Jackson Invincible Sleep Mask

I am back, yes, I am back with another product review. Today I will be reviewing a sleep mask that I purchased on the Bravado Michael Jackson Official Store. I got this a while back but am just getting down to opening it (I know, shame on me!).

As you can see, this is an Invincible-inspired eye mask for use when you are sleeping and want to block out light. I have found that sleeping with an eye mask on puts me in a SUPER deep sleep so, if you have to wake up for school or work the next morning... save this treat for the weekend!

When I saw this I knew I had to have it. There are hardly any cool pieces of memorbilia that reflect the 2000's so, it was a must have. The front graphic is printed on some plastic/vinyl type of material but, the black part that rests on your eyes is 100% polyester, making it silky smooth and super comfortable.

It came in this protective film, which I was happy about, being the germ-a-phobe that I am.

Very accurate and true to the album cover.

Here I am getting sleepy and ready to hop in the bed and get my sleep on (in my PJs and everything!)

 Time for bed, MJ family!

I think that this is a must have for any fan that wants to get some really good shut-eye. Whether you want to use it at home or even while traveling, this is well worth it and a pretty good value. It's normal retail price is $25 but, it's on sale right now for just $10!

If you are interested in getting this Invincible Sleep Mask, check out the Official MJ Store by Bravado HERE.

Thanks for reading and until next time...


The Ben Complex- A Theory Behind Michael Jackon fandom

In the song "Ben," Michael Jackson sang about a very special relationship between two friends. Both of them once lonely and misunderstood but, now have found completion in each other. Not to mention, if other folks only knew how it felt, they'd totally understand, empathize, and look for a Ben of their own. Sure, this song is a story of devotion and the importance of friendship but, it also describes the relationship between Michael Jackson and his die-hard fans.

"Ben, the two of us need look no more, we both found what we were looking for. With a friend to call my own, I'll never be alone and you my friend will see, you've got a friend in me."
 - "Ben" 1970

In my own personal experience, a lot of fans have had defining moments in childhood that make them different from the rest of their peers. A lot of fans, including myself, have gone through life feeling misunderstood and are often missing that special connection with others. The special connection that fans have with Michael Jackson, and even with other Michael Jackson fans is unparallelled.

Why is that?

Well, let's think about it. Michael Jackson is one of those rare entertainers that can connect with fans on a deep level. He makes you believe that he's singing to you or about you. Not to mention, the glimpses into his personality and life that fans were privy to, displayed that the very things he sang about on tape and reflected his own personal realities.

Yes, Michael really did encouter obessed, raging, and entitled women like the one he sang about on Billie Jean. 

Yes, Stranger in Moscow really did describe how he was feeling at one of the lowest points of his life.

Yes,  Heal The World and Earth Song really did express Michael's heartfelt desire to heal our planet and our people of uncessary pain and strife.

Michael is one of those artists who made you believe every word that he sang. And every word that he spoke. When he said that he loved you... you know that he meant it.

"Ben, you're always running here and there, you feel you're not wanted anywhere. If you ever look behind and don't like what you find, there's something you should know, you've got a place to go." 

You don't have to be a Michael Jackson fan to know that he is someone that is loved but, has also been met by hatred and ridicule perhaps more than he ever has, acceptance. It was almost like society built him up and made him King, only to take away his crown and try to dethrone him.

He always spoke about how lonely he was, how he longed for a normal life, and would walk the streets at night in the 1980's looking for someone, anyone that he could call a friend. The thing that sets Michael Jackson fans apart though is, we have grown to love him and accept him , despite all of his faults. In spite of what the media says, what other celebrities think, and even what our own family members think, we believe that we know Michael, inside and out, and welcome him with open arms.

Just like he's welcomed us into his hearts through our music. You see, Michael Jackson has always been consistent with his love for us and his dedication to making sure that we are loved, paid attention to, and appreciated. Michael's innate understanding of the human condition, enables him to build that connection between himself as an artist and his fan base.

Being a Michael Jackson fan opens up the world of a fan community, events, a more active social life for a lot of people who may not have experienced that feeling of belonging to something and someone important.

Above all though, being a Michael Jackson fan means that you have someone who you feel will always understand, sympathize, and be there for you when the times get tough.

This is why we have always stood by and will continue to stand by Michael, even after death.

Our "Ben" is Michael Jackson.

Having a hard time understanding this unique relationship between a fan and their idol?

I'm sure you'd think again.... If You Had A Friend Like Ben.

Until next time...

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mjfangirl's Top 7 Jacksons songs to pay attention to

The Jacksons era was a really important era for Michael. It was when he first started writing and producing his own music, had more creative jurisdiction over what was being released, and when his adult voice began to develop and become the voice that we've all come to know and appreciate.

These are songs that are some of my very favorite tracks and ones that I'd encourage all fans who are just starting to listen to Jacksons music, to check out!

1. Blame It On The Boogie

Why not start the list off with a truly, feel-good song? This is one of my favorites because it is one of the songs that you can listen to and imagine Michael bouncing around happily while he's singing. Need proof? Check out the music video. Not to mention, the lyrics themselves are about dancing and letting the music take over for a while. To be honest, whenever this song comes on, I am super uplifted and ready to dance dance DANCE!

2. Can You Feel It

One of my favorite things about M, is his ability to sing songs that are not only catchy and fun to listen to but, also have a deeper inspirational meaning. This is certainly one of those songs that you could pull out your glowsticks and party to but, it's also one with lyrics that you can sit down and reflect upon. Also worth noting, both his brother Randy and M are on lead vocals here and it's a guilty pleasure of mine to hear someone sing a verse and then here comes M, totally blowing them out of the water. (Not that Randy is an awful singer (love you Randy! but, if you listen to the live version here, you'll understand what I mean about M's first solo vocals on this song.)

3. This Place Hotel (a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel)

What can I say? This song was written and composed by Michael, produced by the Jacksons, and even features a scream from LaToya in the background. The second biggest hit off of the Trimuph album (after Can You Feel It), this is one of those classic, suspenseful, yet kind of crazy story that you can visualize songs. It's easy to say that this was the building block for songs like "Billie Jean" and "Smooth Criminal," but, its just too good to not be recognized on its own. M performed this song live on 3 tours (Triumph, Victory, and Bad) and the live performance on Bad (Yokohama) is one of my personal faves. Check it out on YouTube.

4. Lovely One (Live)

To be honest, I never liked this song until I heard the live version. Yes, you heard correctly. If you are like me and are a huge fan of the Jacksons Live album, you know how painfully slow the original Lovely One sounds when you listen to the Triumph album. It's all of the adlibs and chanting on the live version that make it one of my faves.

5. Different Kind Of Lady

Although the Goin' Places album was not much of a success for the Jacksons, this song was the first song produced by the group themselves. It's a fun and original song, M sounds great on it, and if you are browsing through the tracklist for the Goin' Places album and nothing seems to tickle your fancy, give this song a shot.

6. Show You The Way To Go

Written by Gamble and Huff, this song appears on the Jacksons album, the very first release after the Jackson 5 left Motown for Epic records. Maybe my intepretation is a bit off but, I think that this is an insanely romantic song. Romantic in that M is talking about a better life, where we can work and live together "and think like one"... in harmony...  underneath the sun. SOLD.
With M on lead vocals, he is really able to let loose for the first time and showcase his voice on this song. The selling point is the break-down, where Michael really shows us what he's got. Ad-libs are perfection as usual.

7.  Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (Live)

To wrap up the list, we have in my opinion, the best Jacksons song. This double-platinum disco-hit was written by Michael and Randy, with M on lead. The horns and the synthesizer pretty much make this song the beast that is. The original song is great but, the live version is even better. If you've ever seen the Bad tour, you know how "long and drawn out" this song can get but, with this song, the longer the better. Everything about it is pure magic and I would recommend you check out the live performances of it on the Victory Tour, Bad Tour, The 30th Anniversary concert, and if you haven't already, check out the American Bandstand performance from '79. You''ll love it. Bittersweet Fact: This was the last song that Michael performed live in concert with his brothers before his untimely death.

What are your favorite Jacksons songs?
What are your Top 7 Jacksons songs to pay attention to?

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Merchandise Review: Michael Jackson Musical Ornament

So I am back with a review (it's way after Christmas- I know!) but, I still wanted to post my review and thoughts on this fun little holiday treat.
I actually recieved this ornament as a gift from a family friend this past birthay. My birthday is in the Spring so, up until then, this little baby was just sitting on my shelf next to my other merchandise.

Isn't this cute? This is shaped like a mini jukebox and plays 3 songs when you push that little silver button in the center. The little snippets of  "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," "The Way You Make Me Feel," and "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" are just enough to keep this interesting.

If you are like me and Michael Jackson music (or just the thought of MJ in general) puts you into a great mood, why not get this cute little ornament to spice up your tree?

Sadly, this is no longer in any stores that I know of but, I bet the Michael Jackson estate will be approving awesome treats like this for years to come.

Until next time...

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