creating a Michael Jackson framed collage

I have heard from a lot of you guys that are interested in decorating your homes and rooms with Michael but, don't want to look like a typical teenager-fan room. Although there's nothing wrong with newspaper clippings, posters, etc hanging all over (trust me... my room was like this for years!).

I want to take a few moments out to share with you a very creative way to show your love for Michael in any living space that you choose.

First, you will need some Michael Jackson books, magazines, or mini posters that you do not mind cutting up. I personally used this MICHAEL book. It's a book from the 80's that I got on eBay a couple years back. I have two copies so, I decided to flip through and find some vintage photos.

I ended up choosing some photos of Michael from the Triumph tour. You can arrange the photos however you like but, I opted to have one main photo and have some of the smaller ones surrounding it. As you can see, my walls are a deep, bright yellow so, I think the black and white photos are a great contrast to the rest of the room decor.

 Here are some closer shots of my Triumph Tour collages.

In order to do this project you need some Record Album Frames . I got mine as a gift a few months back and held onto them until now. You can get similar ones for your Do-It-Yourself collage on Amazon.
I would recommend getting photos from a similar performance, era, or appearance. This will give a fluid and coherent look to your frame. 

Have any of you done any cool projects to Michaelize your room? 

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  1. This is amazing and certainly something I wanted to do for a future meetup!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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