i heart mj tee shirts

The I HEART MJ tee is one of the most basic types of fan shirts there is around. The message is loud and clear. I love the look because it's so simple and that's what makes it fun to wear.

throwback photo of me, circa 2005

I have a few I Heart MJ Tees but, these are some of the favorites that I've found and listed for you below.

(Reload Clothing)


Michael Jackson I Heart Baby Doll Tee
(Stylin Online)


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 1. Reload Clothing I Glove MJ Tee       

 4. Amazon UK Children's This is It I Heart MJ Tee

This is turning out to be a pretty busy week for me but, to me, it's always better to be more busy than bored. I have been having really busy days at work but, this weekend I am looking forward to going snow tubing with some of my MJ friends. I also am working on a big project with the Legacy of Love Team. Legacy of Love is one of the largest and most active groups here in New York City and it's been where I've met the most MJ fan friends.

Don't forget to check back here this weekend for another awesome Michael Jackson inspired fashion post!


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