Michael Memory: Meeting Jermaine Jackson 2010

I'm sure that all of you remember Michael Jackson's brother and member of the Jackson 5, Jermaine Jackson, coming out with a book last year. Titled, "You Are Not Alone," Jermaine writes about Michael through his eyes, that of an older brother and one of the few people that knew Michael from and infant until his 50th year. I will admit to you guys that I have always been someone who is not that interested in reading personal accounts of others' experiences with Michael, especially now that Michael is not here to comment or speak on what is written. However, I was a Jackson 5 fan for so long and meeting Jermaine was absolutely one of my dreams come true.

I met him during one of his book signings here in the East Coast-- it was so much fun! It was really quick but it is an encounter that I will remember forever. He is the only member of the Jackson 5 that I've met personally and only the 2nd Jackson that I've met.

If you are interested in picking up Jermaine's book "You Are Not Alone" you can find it here on Amazon for less than $20.

Have you ever met a Jackson family member? How was your experience?

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