Random Thought: Whispering in Michael Jackson songs.

Y'all know that I belieive that Michael has innovated and created basically any and everything when it comes to popular music. I seriously mean it. Michael has done so much of EVERYTHING that when artists today come out with "new" concepts for music videos, dance routines, and even songs that are popularly considered unique, I can usually pick out an element that's been influenced (or done first, ha!) by Michael.

“Wait (The Whisper Song”) is a hip-hop song done by the Ying-Yang Twins a couple years back. It was a huge hit among both hip-hop and mainstream music fans alike, peaking at #15 on the “Hot 100” in 2005. The song featured the Ying Yang Twins whispering over a low pulse beat and finger snaps. It was arguably a favorite amongst a lot of people who were entranced by the beat and had fun trying to figure out what was actually being said.
I was just talking to a friend about this song the other day and it was fresh in my mind when I turned my iPod on this morning. As usual, I skipped past some songs I wasn’t in the mood to hear and stopped to play “Speed Demon”. I pumped the volume and started to notice something I’d NEVER noticed, before I even hit the 30 second mark.

What? Blasphemy, you say!?
No, seriously though. M is whispering something in Speed Demon. I can’t hear what he is saying but, it was just something awesome that I was able to uncover. Maybe one day when I can afford to get some Dre Beats Headphones…
Can any of you possibly tell me what he is saying?
This is not the first time that Michael has whispered on a song. On the very next album, Dangerous, he whispers in the song “Who Is It”.

Now the whispering works to increase the drama and build the tension before M’s ad-libs before the conclusion of the song. If you haven’t, take a listen to “Who Is It”. Get to the musical break and listen closely.

Do you hear him?:
“Don’t bother me.” “Try to make me quit.” “It just won’t stop” … and so on.

I love this whispering technique as used in this song because it just builds and builds and builds. M uses a similar technique in P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and also in the intro of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”… I personally love it!

M certainly knows how to use techniques like whispering to make his songs not only more interesting to listen to but, even more fun to dissect.

Have you heard what I am talking about yet?
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How about Who Is It?

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