Album Review: Michael Jackson The Stripped Mixes

This CD has been on heavy rotation in my Discman lately....
Just kidding--- it's been on my iPod (haha). But, seriously, I have always been so blown away hearing Michael's voice without the distraction of background music and the tracks on this album are no exception.

Michael Jackson: The Stripped Mixes came out about a month after Michael's untimely passing, on July 28, 2009. I can remember how many different compilations and DVDs and other kinds of merchandise were coming out around this time so, when I first heard that this was being released, I was a bit skeptical. But one Autumn day, I was walking around in an NYC bookstore and heard this playing on the speakers.

The song that blew me away was "Darling Dear" by the Jackson 5. On this version, you only hear Michael's voice. No background vocals or music, besides the string arrangement. Just hearing his voice is perfection! I was never really into this song but, when I heard it on the "Stripped Mixes" I was super impressed. If you are new to the solo MJ music of the Motown era, I would recommend this for you. Although you don't get to really experience the magical harmonies and interactions between the Jackson brothers on this CD, it's totally worth it.

Other songs included on this CD are "I'll Be There" "With A Child's Heart" and "Never Can Say Goodbye" (which I will argue is the best vocal performance on this release.) If you get this CD (which is on sale for less than $10 on amazonright now) only to hear the acapella of "Never Can Say Goodbye"... it'd be worth it. Just trust me on this.

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Anyway, this past weekend was President's Day weekend and I did a good deal of MJ related partying! One of my friends told me that I always find the best MJ-esque (is that even a word!?) things to do on the weekends. I will say that I have been getting a lot more adventurous and outgoing lately, mostly to keep my mind clear and free of things that stress me out. Michael Jackson's music has always been a great release for me in that way and I'm sure that a lot of other fans feel the same.

I'll be back later this week to show you photos and fun from my recent outings (and maybe even a new look book!)  Don't forget to like me on Facebook or Follow Me on Twitter!

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  1. Great breakdown, I will have to check this out. I hope Sony pays attention and do the same with Michael's post-Motown cuts.


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