Michael Jackson on GLEE - an MJ Fan's Review

I know that I am not the only Michael Jackson fan who turned into the GLEE tribute episode last night.

This was my second time ever seeing GLEE. (The first time, was when they performed Thriller last season). For the most part, I really enjoyed the show. I personally am super proud during moments like these, when maistream media recognizes and takes time out to do a tribute to Michael. I feel so happy to know that so many other viewers out there got to understand the awesomeness that is the King of Pop!


Anyway, here is my rundown of the show last night:

  • Wanna Be Startin Something- The opening was fun and exciting! I loved all of the costume tributes. If you are like me, you couldn't help yourself and had already seen this sneak peek on YouTube or on the GLEE website.

  • BAD- The choregography was interesting! It was very reminiscent of the BAD music video but, in a dark parking lot, instead of one with high beam lighting (haha!).

  • Scream- Okay I must say that this is totally unexpected! This was my first time ever seeing the Scream video being the subject of any type of parody. Very cool! I love the robotoic dance movements done by the guy playing Michael's role... but, yet again, this just reminds me of how AWESOMELY innovative Michael Jackson has been throughout his career. GREAT JOB on this one GLEE!

  • Never Can Say Goodbye- I love how this was tied into the storyline. The actress that performed this had a beautiful voice and captured the innocence while also capturing the depth in Michael's voice.

  • Human Nature- One of my favorite songs. Of ALL time. Human Nature was played on the guitar and performed as a duet here. I personally loved this but, was I the only one who had a memorial flashback? I have to say that hearing this made me start missing Michael. The two actors here really performed the songs quite well and I feel like Michael would have loved it. (Did you guys get that feeling too?)

  • Ben- This was actually the first time I have EVER heard Ben sung by anyone other than Michael Jackson! What was interesting for me, was the layers of the vocals of all 3 who performed it. It actually translated pretty well to a group performance.

  • Smooth Criminal- WHOA! Dueling Cellists! A boy/girl duet! SMOOTH CRIMINAL! The dance break right before the climax was really cool. I think the highlight of this song for me, was how the ad-libs were paid tribute to. The Smooth Criminal adlibs always stand out in my mind because of the raw emotion and I definetely felt that the actress understood and made that a strong point in her performance as well.

  • I Just Can't Stop Loving You- Another song I've never heard anyone sing (other than Michael). How sweet..... a proposal! *AHHHHHHHHHHH!* I would love a moment like this, how romantic. P.S. BONUS- they nailed the adlibs as well!

  • Black or White- Fun stage performance. Face Morphing Special Effects. A Choir. Enough Said.

Honorable Mentions- Workin Day and Night background music. Lots and lots of mentions about the Cirque Du Soleil Immortal Tour... (I can't wait to see it-- still haven't been able to snag my tickets!)

If you really enjoyed the show, check out Glee: The Complete Third Season!

Overall, I thought this was a well done (and well deserved) tribute!

Did I miss out on your favorite moment?
Are you now officially a GLEEK or did you not enjoy the show as much as I did?


  1. I stopped watching Glee but figured I'd tune in to see how the MJ episode would turn out. The only song I found myself really enjoying was Smooth Criminal. I loved the cellists and I thought Santana did a good job with the adlibs as well.

    It's funny, I immediately thought of the memorial during Human Nature as well. . .made me a bit teary. It really made me miss Michael.

    On a side note, I thought they did a great job with the Scream set.

    1. yeah, the ad-libs were right on the money! and the Scream set made me think of two MJ friends who dressed up as Michael and Janet last year for Halloween! LOVE!

    2. I dont have a TV yet but my boyfriend was kind enough to download the episode from itunes, but havent watched it yet. Yall make me wanna check it out, ASAP!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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