Prince vs. Michael Party.

Hey everyone!

My work week has come to a close! We had some hectic days but, I have been really gaining a better sense of work/life balance lately. A lot of that has to do with sleeping longer at nights, doing a lot more slow, relaxing things to help me wind down and reach a restful state, and of course, planning out/scheduling fun events during my evenings and weekends to look forward to (including updating MJFanGirl!) I actually fell asleep before midnight two nights this week and I attribute my good mood today to all the rest I got!

As I told you earlier this week, I planned to go to this Prince Vs. Michael dance party in NYC this Friday night. The last Prince Vs. MJ party I went to was a Keistar Production and DJ Spinna was on the wheels of steel. DJ Spinna has the most amazing MJ sets and whenever he has an event in NYC that is MJ related, I try my darndest to be there. When it comes to Prince vs. Michael though... To be honest, I do not have the best time in between MJ songs.

I can say that its because I am so knowledgeable when it comes to Michael's music and totally in the dark when it comes to Prince. I know about 15 of his songs very well, which isn't saying much when he's got hundreds of songs under his belt. Anyway... back to last night.

When it comes to what I wore, I wanted to keep my outfit simple but still wanted to represent Michael in a creative and stylish way. I decided to put my CTE shirt on!

What I'm Wearing
CTE Shirt, eBAY
White Tee, Forever 21
Black Jeans, GAP
Motorcycle Boots, Nine West (old but here are some similar ones)

I didn't have a chance to take many pictures but, I did manage to get a nice close up of my CTE shirt. The shirt was modeled after this one:

So my review of this party will be short and sweet. I only stayed for 3 hours or so because it was a bit of a trip away from my house and I didn't wanna stay out too too late. I went with a huge group of my MJ fan friends, most of whom I met through Legacy Of Love: MJ Fans United NYC. It was a lot of fun when Michael came on because the crowd went wild and sang along in their loudest voices. I felt that the DJ played more Prince than MJ... making it a totally unfair fight. BUT,  I will say that if I was in charge, I might be guilty of playing more awesome Michael than Prince songs. (What can I say? I'm loyal to the King.) All in all though, beggars can't be choosers though and when it comes down to it, I have lots of respect for anyone paying tribute to Michael's legend.

Have you guys ever been to a Prince Vs. Michael party?

What do you think about the concept of it?

Talk to me on Twitter! If you were there last night, tell me what you thought!


  1. Hey Chica! it looks great! I just ordered one & was wondering what size is your's? since they are men's sizes..hopes mine fit! :)

  2. hi! thanks for reading my blog :-) my shirt was a Small!


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