"Ice cream on a red hot stove'll melt, and I'll bet ya". Jackson 5 Song Review : I'll Bet You

One of the quirkiest and most fun songs about unconditional love, I first fell in love with "I'll Bet You" as a child. This Jackson 5 song was featured on one of the episodes of the J5 cartoon series and has been one of my faves ever since.

Admittedly, I can't say that this is one of the songs that I'd blast in my car but, its one that I think is a gem not only in terms of lyrical content but, also in terms of vocal performance. The song revolves around the notion that the woman of interest will never lose his love, and he'll bet that. "I'll Bet Cha Never Lose My Love" is full of metaphors and plays on words. Let's take a look at some of the lines...

"A carpenter can't build his house without any tools, and I'll Bet Ya! If your shoes are too small, they hurt your feet and I'll Bet Ya. And ya can't know what's going on if you're asleep,
 oh and I'll Bet Ya."

The song was written by George Clinton (of Atomic Dog fame) and is a cover that was first recorded by the Funkadelic's. I mentioned earlier that I really liked the vocal performances on this song. I really enjoy how the J5 made "I'll Bet You" their own and also how all of the brothers (except Marlon) were on lead vocals and on background! For those of you who are also J5 experts, you'll know that having almost all of the brothers on lead is a rare occurrence. Its nice for fans who may only be familiar with Michael's voice, to familiarize themselves with some of the other brothers too. I found a great site showing which brother sings each line so, check it out if you're interested!
"I'll Bet You" is my Jackson 5 song of the week and you can find this song on the ABC album HERE !

Super Groovy!

This week is not as busy or as stressful for me as last week so, I'm pretty excited about that. I have been thinking about how I can incorporate Michael into the decor of my new living space so, be on the look out for some posts on that! If you wanna hear me talk about my fave Jackson 5 songs or wanna see what MJFanGirl is up to, follow me on Twitter (at) MJFanGirlLife !!!


  1. Oh! You and Nieesha sure are making me dig deep in the crates, my grandma would be proud!

    1. yes, this is a fave! i will be writing about a lot more jackson 5 stuff in the futureeee


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