Meet the Horn Section: 5 Michael Jackson Songs with Horn Sections to Pay Attention to

Horns contribute in a big way to making these Michael Jackson songs as awesome as they are.

Here's a list of my personal top 4 Michael Jackson songs that have the most awesome contributions from the horn section.

Jam (Dangerous album)

Can You Feel It (Triumph Album)

Lovely One (Triumph Album)

Shake Your Body Down To the Ground (Jacksons Album)

Check these all out for pretty cheap on AMAZON -- my personal favorite place to get my MJ/J5/Jacksons albums.

Did I miss anything?
What songs would you have chosen?

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Things that excite me about April!

Hey guys, so this is officially APRIL and we'll be sliding right into the true beginnings of Spring next month. Last month without a national holiday- After April the national holidays (and days off) start rolling in. I love my job but, who doesn't appreciate a day off every now and then?

Here are a few things I'm excited about experiencing in April...

Titanic in 3D!  Yes, this excites me. I know. I am such a sap but, Titanic is one of my favorite romance films and everyone who knows me well enough, knows that I love a great love story. (I could watch The Notebook, Beauty and the Beast, Brown Sugar, Aladdin, and On The Waterfront, over and over until the end of time... really.) The last 3D movie I saw was with one of my high school besties so, hopefully she'll wanna join me for this too. Anyone else out there excited about seeing Jack & Rose reunite on the big screen?

The MJ Making of Series Meetup! So, this is a meetup I'm looking forward to a LOT. This is a great event planned by my friend MJYanaGirl, and we'll be screening behind the scenes clips of many of the MJ videos we love and enjoy! If you are in the NYC area, by all means, join us on April 8th! (We know it is on Easter Sunday but, are offering it as an alternative for those who won't be with family or don't celebrate).

My Crockpot! Okay, I finally broke down and got a slow cooker. Do I need it? No! Have I been wanting one for years and years? YESSSSS! I have to be honest here, I am not the best cook but, I have always always had a passion for cooking. As a kid I rarely, if ever had home cooked meals, except for on the weekends at my grandparents' home. Growing up on McDonald's, chinese takeout, and TV dinners is not only boring and repetitive, its super unhealthy and a big part of why I keep my diet balanced now and eat "fast food" as little as possible. I work full time and also run meetup and have tons of other responsibilities. I know that cooking takes time and sometimes time is just not on my side. I totally look forward to incorporating slow cooker meals into my diet and I will definitely be sharing how that goes with you guys.

Immortal Tour! Yes, I got tickets! It will all be worth it though. When the tickets to this show went on sale over a year ago, I was too emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed with all of the MJ related activity I was doing. Not to mention I was a full time student (and kinda sorta on a small, small budget). Anyway, I am kinda disappointed that I didn't just take the plunge because I wouldn't have been looking all around for tickets this week. Well, needless to say, I'm very excited to see this beautiful show dedicated to Michael and his legacy.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Have a great week :)

With Love & Until Next Time...xx

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