Meet the Horn Section: 5 Michael Jackson Songs with Horn Sections to Pay Attention to

Horns contribute in a big way to making these Michael Jackson songs as awesome as they are.

Here's a list of my personal top 4 Michael Jackson songs that have the most awesome contributions from the horn section.

Jam (Dangerous album)

Can You Feel It (Triumph Album)

Lovely One (Triumph Album)

Shake Your Body Down To the Ground (Jacksons Album)

Check these all out for pretty cheap on AMAZON -- my personal favorite place to get my MJ/J5/Jacksons albums.

Did I miss anything?
What songs would you have chosen?

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  2. Great list! I've always admired Michael's creative incorporation of the more classical instruments into some of his most popular songs, lending them depth and atmosphere that separates his productions from most Pop songs.

    With that said, I feel the exact same way about songs in which Michael features strings prominently; Who Is It, Smile, Liberian Girl, Someone in the Dark Speechless, Don't Walk Away and Much Too Soon just to name a few.

    But I must add one more song to your Horn Section list that showcases his penchant for sycophantic rhythms, Workin' Day and Night.


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