Bless His Soul - A Song Review

The first time I heard this song, I was in high school and a freshman that had just been thrust into a brand new social situation. I wasn't ever the best at making friends. And the ones I made, I couldn't keep.

Maybe I was weird.
Maybe I was not likable.

Maybe I wasn't "cool" enough, smart enough.

Maybe I didn't deserve friends.

In my youth I always found myself giving so much of me to friends, desperately looking for that super special connection. I was looking for a clique of people to call my best friends. Will had Grace and Jack, Martin had Tommy and Cole, even Doug had Skeeter and Patty Mayonnaise... But for some reason, I found myself alone, always. As a result I started to over compensate and tried to give everyone what I thought they needed from me to be a good friend. I still never got all I wanted and needed.

But one day it hit me.

"Something's soon to come over you, you just can't please the world and yourself. Gotta start doing what's right for you, 'cause life is being happy yourself... "

I realized that I had to start making ME happy. Putting ME first. Sometimes I'm still learning that lesson and I have to turn "Bless His Soul" on to remind me... That I have to start paying attention to me.

I now know that friends are important. Love is important. Having support from loved ones is so important but, being happy from within is priceless.

MJ Fan Girl's Top 3: Unreleased Michael Jackson songs

For a long time now my fan friends have always given me a strange look whenever I share that I don't listen to unreleased songs.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I am into all Michael Jackson music, ranging from early Jackson 5 recordings all the way down to the THIS IS IT soundtrack but, I've never been too into listening to songs that haven't been officially released. It's one of my weird pet peeves. Whenever I've had a Michael album in hand, I've had so much joy in listening to it all the way through in its entirety. Sitting on my computer, downloading and then listening to some unnamed, unmarked song just was never fun for me. HOWEVER... there are 3 that have slipped through the radar and they are my TOP 3 UNRELEASED MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS.

Now keep in mind, these have all been "RELEASED" eventually but, I'm under the impression that most "unreleased" tracks will be released in spurts, in the years to come. Now ONTO THE LIST...

3. We Are Here to Change the World- With the recent re-release of Captain EO at Disney World and a select few Disneyland parks, I thought it was fit to mention one of my all-time favorite songs. This is just a super exciting track and I consider it to be one of my favorite King of Pop songs to work out to. Not only are the words uplifting, the sound effects and layers are awesome. I had the pleasure of joining in on a dance lesson where a fellow fan by day and entertainer by night, taught myself and other MJ fans how to perform the dance from the short film. Although a bit altered, it was pretty much spot-on and made me feel like I was one of MJ's backup dancers- cool! (Sidenote: If any of you readers are interested in checking out some cool dance events, be sure to join Legacy of Love, the Premier Michael Jackson Fan Club of New York for info about upcoming events in the tri-state area!)

2. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?- If it wasn't for the sentimental value of #1, this would be my ultimate fave! I love the new jack swing feel of this song. I am not the biggest fan of hip-hop but, I am certainly a lover of ALL R&B music and this just reminds me of  "ABC", "Remember the Time" and "Unbreakable" rolled all into one. It almost sounds like the SWV Human Nature Remix of Right Here, but more awesome. Like many Michael Jackson songs, this  puts me in a great mood and I'd reccommend it to any fan, especially those of you who are partial to the DANGEROUS-era sound.

1. Someone Put Your Hand Out - Another Dangerous-era track, this song has been one of my favorites for over ten years. It got me through a lot of rough times and is truly expressive of how I feel about a lot of my trials in life. Amazingly, this song was unreleased in the United States but released in the early 2000's on The Ultimate Collection box set (one of the best release dates of my life-- when I got mine in the mail, I could hardly contain myself!)  This line from SPYHO sums up so much of Michael "So someone put your hand out, I'm begging for your love... All I do is hand out - a heart that needs your love"... and so much of US as the Michael Jackson Fan Community. This song is super special for me and that it is why its # 1 on my list,

I am looking forward to hearing some of the unreleased tracks and demos that we will be getting on the BAD 25 Anniversary edition but, I will as always, be waiting to listen when I get the physical album in my hand.

What are your favorite unreleased songs?
Are you a fan that runs to download the lastest MP3 leak (or are you a Patient Patty like me?)

Decisions, Decisions: Jackson Unity Tour.

As many Michael Jackson fans are (I'm sure) I have been debating whether it will be worth my while (time and money) to go see the Jacksons Unity Tour.

If you haven't heard already, the original members of the Jackson 5 (Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, and Marlon) are reuniting for the first time to go on a nationwide tour. Now, upon hearing this I was super excited. I am pretty sure that I told you all about how my FANDOM developed and matured, from being a teenybopper Jackson 5 fan, to a full blown Michael Jackson fan. Now we know that Michael is Michael is Michael but, there's a difference.

I have always stressed the importance of learning to appreciate the entirety of Michael's career and I've always been SUPER into the Jackson 5 but, I haven't decided whether or not to splurge on this tour.

I have no doubt in my mind that it'll be emotional to hear Jackson 5 songs without Michael there. I am depending on my fan friends and really just going to open my heart to accept the fact that the Jackson 5 will be performing without Michael, the 5th member, the 5th brother, the VOICE.

What say you?

For more information on the Jacksons Unity Tour, check out the Jacksons Official Website!

And of course, stay tuned to MJFANGIRL to hear about MY final decision.


BAD 25
Are you ready?
Today the Michael Jackson fan community got some of the best news that we've had in a LONG time.
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the BAD album, a number of limited edition collectors items will be avilaible on SEPTEMBER 18th, 2012. One of the most sought after concerts, Wembley 1988 will be released on DVD, as well as 3 CDs including demos and previously unreleased material, AND t-shirts, BAD Tour replica jacket and MORE!
When I get more information about this, I will post but, I will say that today has been one of the BEST days (in my opinion) for the Michael Jackson fan community in a really really long time!
Are you as excited about BAD 25 as I am?
Follow me on Twitter to keep updated on the BAD 25 hysteria!

HAIR has taken over my life... but I am BACK!

Just a quick update to show you what I've been up to.


Lately, work has taken over my life and I haven't had the time to do anything social, fun, or Michael (cries) related. It's been really hard but, business has overriden every other thing I've wanted to do with my life over the past month. I got over the hurdle of planning and producing my very first event and everything was extremely successful! If you came to the International Beauty Show in New York, you may have seen me there, hustling away and really ensuring that the event went well from start to finish. 

My work was so appreciated that I got a well deserved (if I say so myself) promotion! I feel really blessed to have all of these things coming my way lately.

Things are far from perfect for me now but, I'm still here and still working on developing a life that is all mine.

Now that I can take a small breather, I plan to not only get back to my MJ blogging but, also to participating in MJ events, hanging with friends, decorating my new place, working on my photography, AND just enjoying life.

I'll be back soon guys. <3
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