Bless His Soul - A Song Review

The first time I heard this song, I was in high school and a freshman that had just been thrust into a brand new social situation. I wasn't ever the best at making friends. And the ones I made, I couldn't keep.

Maybe I was weird.
Maybe I was not likable.

Maybe I wasn't "cool" enough, smart enough.

Maybe I didn't deserve friends.

In my youth I always found myself giving so much of me to friends, desperately looking for that super special connection. I was looking for a clique of people to call my best friends. Will had Grace and Jack, Martin had Tommy and Cole, even Doug had Skeeter and Patty Mayonnaise... But for some reason, I found myself alone, always. As a result I started to over compensate and tried to give everyone what I thought they needed from me to be a good friend. I still never got all I wanted and needed.

But one day it hit me.

"Something's soon to come over you, you just can't please the world and yourself. Gotta start doing what's right for you, 'cause life is being happy yourself... "

I realized that I had to start making ME happy. Putting ME first. Sometimes I'm still learning that lesson and I have to turn "Bless His Soul" on to remind me... That I have to start paying attention to me.

I now know that friends are important. Love is important. Having support from loved ones is so important but, being happy from within is priceless.

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