The Adventures of an MJ Fan: Vegas in a Nutshell.

Okay so I know that this is LONG LONG LONG overdue but I wanted to finally come on here to talk to you guys about my trip to Vegas.

By the pool.

Why, why? Tell em that it's Human Nature.

This is not what you think though! Human Nature is a group from Australia that has seen great pop success and is known for their awesome renditions of Motown classics. I was determined to see a show in Vegas and the LEGENDS show was recommended to me a number of times but, something about this group peaked my interest. Singing classics like Stevie Wonder's "Uptight," "My Girl," and "Just My Imagination," by the Temptations and even getting into some Supremes classics like "Stop! In the Name of Love" and "Ooh Baby" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, this was truly a great night. (Did I mention that they also did  "ABC" and "I'll Be There"?) If you get a chance to hit up Las Vegas, I highly recommend going to see this show!

I stopped by the Venitian and walked around for a few hours and look what I spotted!

Michael, you just never leave me alone, do you?

And a closing shot of me in my BAD era sunglasses.... LOVE EM! Thanks for reading and be back soon with more fun!


  1. Cool post! Awesome photos! I would love to perform in Vegas. I'm a female impersonator. :-D

  2. Very cool. It appears to me you had a fun time! I went to Vegas last December, and although it it not my type of city, I had a surprisingly better time that expected. Wouldn't mind going sometime in the future, with some of my MJ fam perhaps. I love that last shot of you - you look so pretty and happy!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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