Getting into the Heart of Michael Jackson Season

We are getting to the HEART of Michael Jackson season with the 3rd anniversary of his death upon us on Monday.

As usual here in New York City, there are a lot of events planned, from a vigil at the Apollo Theatre, to DJ Spinna's annual Forever Michael dance party, to the World Cry event, to even a Question and Answer session with the incomparable Siedah Garrett. This year, the only event that I will personally be spearheading is a reflection dinner on the 25th. Its personally my preference to mourn the loss of Michael as a human being,  ** Not that I'm knocking any other events (because I'll probably be stopping by several) but, I try and celebrate Michael every other day of the year. For many huge fans, June 25th changed EVERYTHING.

For me, it changed so so much. I lost significant weight, that I wasn't ever able to gain back (which is a good thing I guess) and I became overly-sensitive and more empathetic to others around me. I started Legacy of Love, which now boasts over 120 members and is one of the MJ largest fan clubs in the Tri State. I met so many new friends and rekindled relationships with old ones. 

I haven't been sad about Michael for a long time but, my emotions have been kind of running high about life changing in general... but that's another topic for another day. I feel like this weekend will be huge for me, for the fans, for Michael's legacy. Hopefully I can get back to updating this blog more and sharing more about myself and my journeys in this life (in photos) very soon.

Now... what to wear?!?

With Love & Until Next Time...

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