I like the feelin' I get when I'm riding on a jet, said I'm "Goin' Places"

I am excited because yesterday was my last day of work before I get to have my first vacation! Yes, I've been working for almost a year at this position without a single day off but, it'll be worth it now to finally be able to take these few days to enjoy and get away!

I am going to Las Vegas for a few days and I'm excited because I've never been there before. I remember in the early 2000's when Michael spent a lot of time in Vegas, as I was pretty new to the MJ Community and was super jealous of those who got to be there, a part of that!

I know its silly to think looking back but, Michael was so accessible it seems. Not that I would've been able to sit down with him for tea and cookies but, I would've been able to see his face, touch him, explain to him what he's meant for me all this time. (Oh how I wish.)

I am really looking forward to the trip and will be back with photos and more next week!


  1. I totally get the "accessible" comment. Since his death, I've been beating myself up, realizing that it was ENTIRELY possible that I could have seen/touched/talked to him in person. :::sigh::: But I too will be in Vegas for a day or so in July, and I plan to visit places MJ was spotted in.

    1. oh i KNOW! thanks for commenting Alicia, I was thinking about Living W MJ during my first night there.... brought back lots of memories.


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