My June 25th, 2012. 3 Years After Michael.

So what can I say about June 25th?

It brings up so many memories and emotions that I am not sure I can say that it was a good day. I can say that I was able to keep my composure and enjoy being in the company of other fans. Although the fan world can be somewhat overwhelming at times, on days like June 25th, it's super cathartic being around people who understand you and your heart.

Michael Jackson fans are all people just like the rest of people on this Earth but, we have a profound understanding of Michael and all that he stood for, all that he was to the world, and all that he went through. I could say that we are all high intellectuals that have studied his life and music such that, we have come to understand him but, that just wouldn't be true.

The really big Michael Jackson fans (like myself)  have hearts that can not only empathize but, somewhat identify with Michael's struggles through the years. We appreciate his honesty, pure love, and raw talent. Most of all, we appreciate the impact he's had on our lives. Sometimes greater impact that our own family and friends... so the Michael Jackson community expereiences a deep sense of loss and sorrow on June 25th.

Three years later, it's a little bit easier. But, not much.

The Michael Jackson Fans of NY had a candlelight vigil and we sang songs like "Heal The World" and "Man In The Mirror" while holding candles, and most of us, shedding some silent teardrops. It took every bit of strength I had in me not to totally break down... I just feel this overwhelming sadness when I think back to 2009 and how Michael left this world. I try not to think about it often but, June 25th is not a bad time to face these emotions and deal with them as they come. I am glad I was around my MJ family. Really glad.

 In other news...

I was SO in love when I walked into TJ Maxx a few days ago and saw this canvas poster. I've been recently playing with lots of word canvases and other photo images in decorating my new place. I just love inspirational poems and even more, love these subway art wall plaques. This describes everything that LOVE is to me and it's just something that I left the store wondering how I could do without it. I feel like sometimes people lose sight of some of the most elementary things in love and these small anedotes are great reminders. I am really a simple to please woman and, when it comes to love, it's usually the small things that count for me. (And make me giggle and blush and daydream about you, LOL!)

  When I went back the next day however, it was gone :(. I haven't been able to find it so, I figured that I will just concentrate on my MJ wall (you know, I couldn't move without having a space dedicated to Michael!).

Hope to be back with some photos of my decoration progess and other fun things for you soon. Thanks for reading, XOXO!


  1. For me, it's pretty ironic how tough things were for me the first years but this past June 25th, all I could do was think about the 'Good Times' and was able to get through that day without shedding a tear. Only to break down completely 3 days later during the Jermaine's rendition of 'Gone Too Soon' during the Unity Tour at the Apollo. I cried through the whole song. I couldnt even see the stage. I feel better tho because I was afraid that I was getting use to the idea of Michael not being here with us. And that is something I morbidly hope never happens.

    1. I hope to never ever get used to Michael not being here. I just don't want to ever take his existence and having been touched by his talent and love, for granted.

      The waterworks started for me during Gone Too Soon as well. I'll be posting my review of the tour (mostly just my outfit photos) on Thursday.

  2. I have just stumbled upon your website. I am very excited to read your older post.

    1. thank you for finding me, i hope you enjoy my past posts and enjoy the upcoming ones as well!


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