A Fan Review- Spike Lee's Annual Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Party in Prospect Park

If you are an active member of the Michael Jackson fan community, I'm sure that you've heard of one of the biggest events of the summer. Every year since 2009, Spike Lee has hosted a gathering in Brooklyn's Prospect Park to celebrate and remember Michael Jackson's life. Its become one of the absolute must -attend events for me and I'm sure, many other fans feel the same.  

This year it will be held on August 25th from 12pm-5pm and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

The first year I attended, it was on August 29th which happened to land on a Sunday. It was the first summer without Michael. I know to some non-fans that sounds extreme but hear me out... For YEARS I'd go days and days without listening to anything besides Michael's voice. In fact, my first MP3 player (a Creative Zen *throwback*) was actually full of MJ related songs (there may have been 20-25 other songs but, besides that it was strictly the King of Pop). I am serious when I say that I'd spend all day in high school staring at my Michael Jackson binder (before they had MJ stationary I had to handcraft mine) and I'd come home to chat with my MJ friends (most of whom I am still besties with today). I'd browse eBay for the most interesting and rare finds and spend hours on MJJC (when it was MJJForum). When I say it was a summer without Michael, I mean it was the first time in my life without knowing that MJ was somewhere out there. All of my dreams about new albums, new music, the chance to meet him, new interviews, heck- even the latest paparazzi pictures would never ever come to fruition. It was what I thought was the end to a beautiful (sometimes painful) but, a special chapter of my life.

When Michael left us in June 2009, I was not at the height of my fandom. It's the truth. I'd just graduated from a prestigious university (We Are... Penn State!), was in the beginnings of my relationship with my first love, and I had a ton of money in my pocket. I had planned to totally have a kick-ass summer. Unfortunately, when Michael died, so did those plans.

Until the Brooklyn Loves Michael Party...

This party is special to me for soooo many reasons but, the number one reason is that it makes me feel closer to Michael. If any of you guys have ever suffered a loss, you know that certain activities and certain things just make you feel CLOSER to the person that you lost. For Michael, it's events like these that help me remember why I love this guy and his music so much. Being around thousands upon thousands that have been touched in the same way helps as well. DJ Spinna is the resident DJ for this event (I think I've told you before how much I LOVE DJ Spinna's MJ set) and there are always special guests popping up on stage to celebrate Michael's legacy.

If you are a fan of BLASTING MJ's music in your room/car/in your headphones... you will LOVE this party. Trust me, you have never heard MJ's music loud until you come to this event. It's just beautiful to hear ALL of his songs (I will say some eras get more love than others but, perfect for those who love the J5 and Jacksons music too- like me!). Most of the songs are faster ones, from "Can You Feel It" to "ABC"

The first year I attended, I remember there was this super magical moment where it started to rain and just really get windy and foggy out but, before you know it, the sun shined, bursting with light and drying the field. It was like Michael cleared the skies for us and let us know that everything would be okay! I am not one of those fans that has a deep spiritual connection to Michael or anything but, I totally felt his presence running through me that day.

Last year the party was cancelled because of the awful weather we were having but, this year it seems like nothing will be stopping the show. If you are thinking of traveling to attend--- do it!

I promise you will not be disappointed. 

For more information on this AWESOME event, happening August 25th this year from 12 noon -5pm Click HERE    and don't forget to check out the Brooklyn Loves MJ Facebook fan page for more information and to link up with fans who will be attending. 

I hope to see you all there!

Do you anxiously await the Brooklyn Loves MJ party each year as much as I do?

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  1. I have to say that the first half of the blog almost made me cry. Not necessarily in a bad way. I just can relate so much. Very good review of Brooklyn Loves Michael and it's a must-attend event for me too...I have been to both of the past events and I am even more excited for this year: 1. since last year's was cancelled, and 2. I feel more ready to celebrate rather than mourn, 3. I have made many more MJ friends and pretty much everyone I know in the community is going! Cannot wait!!!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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