The Michael Jackson Fan Community...Divided We Fall?

As you all know by now, there's been some inner drama (that has been very much public, thanks to social media) in the Jackson family, involving Michael's three children. Over the past few days, I've personally kept mum about this because I've been trying to just watch and observe, instead of getting all heated about something that virtually, is not my business. I will say that I feel for all parties involved and I have never been a part of a huge family like the Jacksons so, I really don't know what it's like to try and get so many people on the same page. (As we see, it's pretty much impossible!). I hope the best for Michael's children because we all know how much he loved them. Apart from this, the one thing I notice is that this issue AGAIN has divided the fan community. It's so sad to me that Michael stood so much and believed so much in togetherness but, we argue and lash out at each other over the simplest of issues. Why is that?

Yes, Michael was our "leader" of some sorts but, I'd hope to believe that we all carried a part of that hope for unity and peace in each of us.

If it's not the Jacksons issue now, it was the MICHAEL album a few months back. And before that it was where Michael's children should go. Before that it was where Michael should be laid to rest. And what really happened to him. Let's not to mention the division between fans who think Michael is still around somewhere on this Earth.


I just wish that we could all stand together instead of lashing out at each other.

We all love Michael for the same reasons, generally speaking. I am learning to try and stay neutral, watch things play out and keep my opinion to myself! I love my Michael Jackson friends and would do anything to keep them around! We are like a little family and I love the unity I feel when at the more positive events like the Heal the World for Children's Annual Children's Festival on Michael's birthday or at the Brooklyn Loves MJ Party held every year by Spike Lee.

 Feel the love and let go of the anger!

In other news, I am having a really great great week. I won't go into much detail but I am happy and very appreciative of things that have been going on in my life right now.  I am way more open to a lot more possibilities and just trying to be more positive all around. I have my moments, like all of us do but--  I have been going out way more and enjoying spending the hours of my life outside of my home, and with family, friends, and loved ones. I went to an IMAX theatre for the first time (ever!) to see a major motion picture and it was OUT of this WORLD! Totally awesome experience (and worth being sleepy and having to wear my glasses at work the next morning. *smile*)

I will have to say that I have ALWAYS been somewhat of a loner (especially in high school!). For the most part I can do without having a million people around me and I just stick to my core group. It's taken me years and years to realize that it's OKAY to have friends who share your same interests (or your MAIN one). Plenty people are friends with people who like the same sports teams, who love to travel, who enjoy eating at fancy places, or who just live in the same neighborhood and it's convenient. At the peak of my fandom, I was totally happy to come home from school and talk for 6 or 7 hours on the phone at nights with fellow fans online and on the phone, about how simply awesome and amazing Michael is. Now, I will say that Michael plays a bit of a different role in my life. My fandom has evolved as I have evolved as a person and I am sure others feel the same as I do. I am still every bit grateful and inspired by him but, now I want to go out and live my life. Living with the dream and the love that MJ so graciously taught me and all of us, and enjoying every moment (or trying to at least!)

How do you feel about the MJ Fan Community? Do you feel that we will ever be united again? 
Are you happy to be a part of it or are you done with trying to get on the same page as your fan friends?

Talk to me! 


  1. Well I feel that the MJ Community is getting much stornger everyday now. Because for me being a MJ Fan will have to do what is right. I mean I have enough already with the Jackson family drama!

    1. yeah Telia-- enough is enough! I am glad that you feel the community is getting stronger, I guess we bend but don't break!

  2. Well said and if fans just minded their own business with a situation they don't have all sides to or details they would be better off. Live your life and remember the music and why we all love Michael and originally connected; remember the LOVE.

    1. yes Stellanie-- we gotta remember the core reason why we fell in love with MJ!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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