A Night with Austin Brown - NYC BET Music Matters Review

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How has everyone been doing?

I have been trying to go lots of fun things to try and stay busy after work. I am not the clubbing type and I've become a super cheapskate so its sometimes a struggle to stay on top of this "afterwork fun" goal of mine. However, when I got the chance to attend this year's BET Music Matters event, I thought "hey- Why not?!".

Within my family and with non-fan friends, I am the resident Michael Jackson fan. (Among MJ fans, I'm the resident Jacksons fan but... That's another story for another post). Anyway, I kept getting texts and messages asking me to turn on 106 & Park to see a fresh (and very attractive!) face on the music scene. It just so happens that he is a 2nd generation member of the legendary Jackson family (and don't forget the Brown genes too- he always mentions it, hehe!) One of my friends was like "Austin Brown- do you know him? He's Janet Jackson's nephew!" to which I replied telling her

  1.  That I did indeed know of him    and 
  2.  That I was going to his first show in New York that very night!


Austin Brown's performance at BET Music Matters was nothing short of amazing! Here are 5 Things I Loved About It:

5. Style- he's got this funky signature style already and I love it! From his beanie hat to the denim vest and Converse sneakers and plaid patterned shirts, his style is very much HIM (and we all know how important that is).

4. The Band- his band was sooo talented and really had the place jamming! I loved the guy on the synthesizer/background vocals- DOPE!

3. His energy- he almost seemed like another person on stage! Austin's energy was very high and he was dancing, grooving, and feeling the music truly! I kinda have this thing for musicians who are THAT into their performances (makes you wanna jam right there with them!)

2. Personality- His personality totally shines through in his music. I especially loved the times in-between songs where he would talk and connect to the audience.

1. His Music- Three words--- BUY THE SINGLE! It's called Menage A Trois... and while you're at it, check out BET's 106 & Park and help to get this awesome music video on the countdown.

Meeting Austin

My friends and I actually got the chance to meet Austin twice! Once before the show, while we were waiting to get into the venue and once again after his performance. *Thanks to Gadget Trish for this, as she is probably the biggest JACKSON family supporter I know and I've heard that many of the Jackson family members watch and enjoy her videos on Youtube! Check her out here if you haven't already.*

Austin was super friendly and soooo down to Earth both times we met him! I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I saw him the first time.

I mean hey, I was looking forward to his show tonight and here he was standing right next to me and chatting casually all like HEY- What's Up!?   Haha.

He was nice enough to take photos with everyone after the show and that's super cool :).

Here's my photo with Austin:

If you ever get the opportunity to see Austin Brown perform-- do it! Not because he's a Jackson but because he is VERY talented, kind, and his career is about to take off to another level!

Thanks for reading everyone! For more information on Austin Brown, check these links out below!

Web:  austinbrown.com   Twitter:  @austinbrown    

Tumblr: http://austin85.tumblr.com/


  1. Fantastic review. Too bad I couldn't be there but I'm so glad you and the others enjoyed! It is so cool that you got to meet him and take a picture together. I will definitely try to be there the next time he is in NYC.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I really enjoyed myself and it was really cool to have met him. He was very humble and I couldn't help thinking, how awesome it was to be standing right next to him chatting like all nonchalant. Very cool!

  2. Love this. Austin is a really smooth gentleman just like his Uncle Michael.


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