Michael Jackson and the songs he never performed live.

I feel deprived ya'll.

Well, I do.

I told you guys about my experiences seeing the Jacksons Unity tour (here, here, and here -yes, I went three times) but I don't think I mentioned that one of the reasons I couldn't get enough of this tour was because I was able to hear a live rendition of a song that Michael had never done live before!

Yes I know that some folks in the MJ community have reservations about seeing the Jacksons Unity Tour but let me tell you... They did "Can't Let Her Get Away" and it was one of my favorite parts of the entire Unity Tour Experience.

I have a million other songs that we never heard or saw Michael perform live but, I am actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed hearing this song performed by a live band (cause its never been one of those I'd yearned to see performed on stage). It was THE BOMB! Although it wasn't MJ's voice, the music was just EVERYTHING.


One of the things I miss most about Michael is seeing him perform live. Actually no, not even perform. I miss seeing him alive. Like just seeing him smile, walk from a building to his big black SUV, scribble an autograph for a fangirl, I even miss just seeing him blink.

Yes, I do.

But the fact that we will never see him perform live again is something that like just totally breaks my heart when I sit and think about it. 'Cause he should be here. He shouldn't be a past tense memory.

Hearing the music always brings him back to life for me though so, I want to thank the Jacksons for doing the Unity Tour and breathing life into the musical legacy of Michael Jackson this summer.

It means more than you'll ever know.

Do you guys have a song that you wish Michael would've performed live? Share it with me in a comment :-).

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  1. I agree. The brothers took "Can't Let Her Get Away" to another level. The songs I wish Michael sang live are:
    1. Liberian Girl
    2. Leave Me Alone
    3. Who Is It
    4. Remember The Time

    1. mj did sing remember the time live i also wish he would have sang p.y.t.


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