Spike Lee, Brooklyn Loves MJ Cancelled - DJ Spinna to Still Spin on August 25th

One of the biggest and most shocking disappointments of Michael Jackson season 2012 has been the sudden cancellation of the BK loves MJ party in Prospect Park. 

I can say that I, like many others looked forward to this all year and the cancellation just 12 days before the event was really frustrating. It was also cancelled last year due to Hurricane Irene.

I hope that it will go on next year since it will be Michael's 55th birthday in spirit.

On the flip side, its awesome to know that the party isn't stopping for DJ Spinna! He will be throwing an alternative event from 6pm-12am in Delkalb Market, also in Brooklyn. Its open to people of all ages and free for children 13 and under - only 10 bucks each for everyone else. You know that I've raved about his work here and here so, you can guess where I will be!

There are also other options like the annual Heal the World for Children Festival which will feature activities, food, and fun for children of all ages that morning. After that, there is the MJ Fanmily Event (organized by 3 rockin' ladies who spearhead the Thrill the World event every year) in Central Park at 3pm.

All of these events can be found my doing a simple Facebook search and if I have any updated information I will post links accordingly.

What are you doing to celebrate Michael's birthday this year?


  1. I still cannot believe it is cancelled. But everyone just has to look on the bright side of it. There is still Newark loves Michael on the 26th and also thank Goodness that Spinna and some members of the MJfam came up with the idea of a celebration in order to replace BK loves MJ. People from around the world planned on going to this event, some of them are already here in NYC, so in order to make it not feel like a total waste there are plenty of events for them to go to and enjoy. :)

    1. Yes that is so true! I am actually really excited about Spinna's own party in Brooklyn that night.


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