Is Twitterland the New Michael Jackson forum?

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It was not until I got on Twitter one day late last year and discovered the tag #MJFAM that I realized how many of us Michael Jackson fans were devoting our 160 characters to the King of Pop.

I made some of my closest friends today on MJJC (when it used to be MJJForum!) and even met Shanda through soliciting members for meetup (when it was still a wee little group) on that very forum. With less and less visible online interaction on Michael Jackson forums since his passing, I have to ask...

Is Twitter the new go-to place to meet Michael Jackson fans?

Have you made any fan friends on Twitter?

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  1. I was never a forum person. Before Michael passed away, my internet activities was pretty much limited to gaming and work. My Michaeling was a personal thing, actually since I grew up in a family of Jackson Family lovers, I didnt even know there was a "community" of MJ fans outside of home.

    But of course when Michael passed away, I, like many flocked to the internet for solace, I didn't know where to go so the first place I encountered fans was on youtube. It ballooned from there, I probably have an account on every since MJ dedicated forum in existence (as mjYanaGirl of Yana Jackson) but it didn't take long for me to get turned off and overwhelmed by all the "noise".

    I have had a Twitter account for years but never used it, only created it because of peer pressure. Anyway to make an already long story short, Twitter started off as my source for anything latest happenings in Michael-verse and it was the Conrad Murray Trial that helped me find like-minded people to converse with and share information. Since then, it's became the only place I can really "talk out loud" and move on to the next thing.

    I have left forums in the past because of egotistical owners and/or power-tripping admins. It's like a marriage either you work it out or get a divorce. Whereas Twitter is like an open relationship, you can pick and choose your battles and come out on top either way.


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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