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Okay so I know that this post is atrociously late but, I figure that this is one of those better late than never cases. I am shut in because of Hurricane Sandy so, instead of studying all day I have decided to come on here and talk to you guys about Michael! Do you guys forgive me? :) 

Today I want to take the time out to post my review & thoughts about BAD 25.

As many of you know, there were several versions of the BAD 25th Anniversary collections released. I chose to stick to the Deluxe Edition that retails for about $35.00 USD here on I actually got a really great deal on this from Groupon Goods, which has become my new guilty pleasure. (Seriously, I am on there every morning checking out what great things they've got on sale. I've made at least 7 purchases, most of them being of beautiful jeweler  most of them being 90% off-- or more. I'm talkin' about sparkly simulated diamond earrings for just $8 bucks and free shipping. You can't beat that....)

But anyway.... back to Michael Jackson and this awesome BAD 25th celebratory set. I personally chose this one because I am running out of room for storage of Michael Jackson stuff. Actually, I haven't even had the chance to bring all of my MJ collectors items into my new apartment. I don't really have plans to do so but, I know that I have to eventually because being away from my most prized possessions is not easy.  

After partying mad hard with the Legacy of Love Crew at our huge BAD 25 celebration, I only got a chance to open my own BAD 25 goodies about a week after they were released. 

Everything came in this black matte case. It's kind of the same thickness that the HIStory album is, so it won't have a problem fitting on your shelf. (But won't fit in one of those slotted CD/DVD holders). 

This set contained 3 CDs: The original BAD album, the BONUS Material (a bunch of unreleased songs from the BAD Era), and a LIVE CD of the BAD Tour. I believe that this is the first live album that we have from Michael Jackson. The Jacksons Live is one of my personal favorite albums and although this BAD Live album was released posthumously, I am grateful for it.

I don't have much to say about the first or second discs. I would like to reiterate my personal stance on posthumous material.... it takes me a LONG time to warm up. To be honest, it is only in the past few WEEKS that I have been able to listen to "Breaking News" without wincing. Although I love the song it's just, there's no imagery to really associate with it. Just another reminder that Michael is gone. For now, I will maintain that my favorite track on Disc Two is "Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu". Anyone that wants to convince me that there's another track on here worth swooning over, is totally free to do so!

Disc Three is really refreshing and a breath of fresh air. It's one of those albums that I can see me putting on my ipod and falling asleep to when the times get tough. His voice is just so crisp, clear, powerful and strong. I really believe that this was Michael's PEAK in terms of concert performances and I am so appreciative that the Michael Jackson Estate listened to the begging and pleading of fans around the world that this material be released.

There are two pretty nice booklets with lots of photos that we have never seen before. My only complaint is that the photos are pretty much all miniature like this: 

I kinda sorta wish we had them all larger but, it's always great to see never before seen photographs of Michael. When Michael left us, I felt like we'd never get to see anything new. No new pictures of him smiling, laughing, performing etc. but, with this, I am really impressed and it really contributes to feeling like he is still here with us in spirit!

The last disc of the set is a DVD of one of Michael's shows at Wembley Stadium from 1988, formally titled Michael Jackson Live At Wembley 7.16.1988 . I can say between this DVD and the LIVE performance CD, this BAD 25 collection has left a few thoughts lingering in my mind. 

  1. It is in fact possible, to hold your own private performance of the intro of WBSS from the BAD tour. (and you will kick a**).   sidebar: am i the only fan that like jumped up and did all of the dance moves when this came on? 
  2. If there is ever a time machine invented that is available for public, or Michael Jackson fan use, I'd like to go back to 1988 *pwetty pwease*
  3. Michael is seriously the best performer of all time. There will never be another, forreal forreal. 
  4. Damn, I wish Michael was still here. 

Overall , I would say this is a pretty good buy. Of course, most fans already have the BAD 25 album but, I truly would recommend all Michael Jackson fans to have this in their arsenal. To be honest, if nothing else, the DVD is something worth having. If you haven't seen Michael Jackson perform live during the BAD era, you are truly truly missing out! Let me tell you another thing, this TOTALLY beats watching some beat up old copy on Youtube. Youtube DOES have some gems but, for Michael Jackson fans I always advocate having a real copy. Michael was electrifying and apart from when I saw him live in 2001, this was probably my best  Michael Jackson concert experience to date. My favorite parts of the concert were Thriller (Tarzan much?) and Human Nature, just because he was so into it and he sounded (and looked) delicious! He was workin' hard up there, especially towards the end with the robotic dance move finale. I wish that the BAD 25th Anniversary sets would have contained at least one more concert from the BAD Tour. Even if it was just an official release of Yokohama. I'm confident that we will get other concerts down the line though and as they say, patience is a virtue. 

For all of those who haven't gotten a chance to get BAD 25, check it out here on Bad, 25th Anniversary Edition, Deluxe Edition

You can also just get the DVD alone on amazon too!  Michael Jackson Live At Wembley 7.16.1988

Thanks so much for reading and let me know your thoughts on BAD 25 below! What were your likes and dislikes about this set?

For all of my East Coasters out there.... be SAFE! xx

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  1. You hit the nail on the head but I cant believe you didnt share your thoughts on the previously unreleased tracks! :o

    While there are plenty on Song Groove, I figured Free and Price of Fame would get honorable mentions. Those are my favorites out of the whole package.

    1. Thanks for reading! I will absolutely check those out. I have heard a lot of raving about Price of Fame so I am going to try and give it a listen! I still cant bring myself to listen to that CD in full!


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