King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson - Michael Bush New York Book Signing

I just wanted to pop in and announce to my readers that my partner in crime and fellow co-organizer at Legacy of Love has made a huge announcement! 

After much questioning and reaching out to the Michael Bush camp, there is going to be a book signing...

 right here in New York City in less than two weeks


For those of you who don't know Michael Bush, if you are a Michael Jackson fan, it's no DOUBT that you've seen his work on Michael at some point. So many of Michael's most iconic moments have been captured on film and the work of designer Michael Bush played a major part in his regal style. Michael Bush and his partner Dennis Tompkins not only worked with Michael through the Bad era onto the This Is It tour preparations, but they also designed some things for Neverland Valley Ranch and accessories used in other parts of Michael Jackson's life.

Some of you might say... okay, what could possibly be IN this book that would tickle my fancy? Well, here's a small excerpt from the official website,

 "THE KING OF STYLE will feature exquisite photographs of the striking fashions worn by Michael at the height of his career, as well as images showing the carefully planned construction of the clothes to incorporate his unique dance moves and the details of the dynamic fabrics, metals and other materials used. Accompanying text will provide insight into the artists’ methodology and fascinating stories from their decades-long relationship. Their stories are funny and touching, and show a human and artistic side of Michael Jackson not seen in the various other books about him on the market."

Interested? If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who will be at the annual Comic Convention (Comic Con) at the Jacob Javitz Center, you can visit Michael Bush for an advance copy of his book Dressing Michael Jackson there.

For those who won't make that, the Michael Jackson Fan Exclusive book signing will be held at the Hard Rock New York Times Square on Friday, October 12th from 3-5 p.m

Guests will be the FIRST in the world to purchase the book and get it personally autographed by Michael Bush.

I am so sad because I will be on a business trip and unable to attend this event but, I am SUPER excited for all of my friends that will get to have this amazing opportunity  I can personally vouch that after Michael passed away in 2009, I reached out to Michael Bush on Facebook and asked him what the CTE on Michael's shirts stood for. He was kind enough to answer me in a private message. (I wore a replica of Michael's CTE shirt to a party last spring). There's no doubt to the answer to that and other burning questions will be inside the book!

What are you waiting for?       Visit for more information on how to attend with other MJ Fans in the area!


  1. Now this is different and I love it. I don't see a variety of different blogs anymore and I will be a regular on here stopping over from BLMgirls

  2. Ahh how come I do not get updates anymore from this blog? It was fantastical should make an update with all the photos we took that day, complete with a quick review from those who were there!


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