Merchandise Review: Michael Jackson Badge Collection 1 (from Japan)

I got this pin badge set from my host mother when I went to Japan this past October. She knows how much I love Michael Jackson and she tends to pick up anything she sees MJ-related and saves it for me until the next time we meet. 

This collection honestly doesn't have anything we haven't seen before but, I really love that it features a variety of photos from different eras (which we don't usually see). I haven't opened it so, I'm not 100% sure about whether or not this is an officially licensed item or not. I love getting items from Japan because they have so many goodies that we never really see here in the states. At this age, I am not too crazy about pin badges (as they leave holes all over everything and they just aren't my cup of tea (unless its Michael's Birthday week or something like that" but, I am glad that I have these in my collection. 

If you are looking for pin badges, amazon sells a lot of them. Here is a link to some of my favorites- Set of 20 MICHAEL JACKSON Pinback Buttons 1.25" Pins / Badges Tribute Memorial

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