My favorite Christmas candles

This season has been so insanely busy for me- I can hardly keep up! I am so happy things will finally slow down though. By the time this entry is posted, I will be in Japan on business. Two of the things that help me prepare for long journeys are listening to music and lighting candles.

My two favorite candles at the moment are Home for the Holidays by Yankee Candle and Merry Mistletoe by Slatkin & Co. Burning candles always helps to put me in a calm and serene mood. This is only my second candle from Slatkin & Co and I was super pleased with how evenly this candle burned and how good of a throw it has. Merry Mistletoe smells like a mix of fresh pine, light citrus, and a bit of floral. I'd HIGHLY recommend this candle to anyone, especially if you're just looking for something subtle. Home for the Holidays is a bit more spicy but, it also works to help put me in the Christmas mood. I've heard for years that Michael Jackson's previous home, Neverland, was always so sweet smelling and peaceful.

What helps to get you all in the Christmas mood? 

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