Las Vegas Trip Report - Michaeling in Sin City!

The blog has been quiet for quite some time but now that some things are out of the way and the holidays have passed us by, I am finally back to share my Las Vegas trip report with you.

Before this trip, I had only been to Vegas one time but, didn't really get the chance to explore and see everything as my time there was so limited. With one of my favorite bloggers, Vintage Vandalizm's recent move to Sin City and the rave reviews of Michael Jackson ONE, my interest in another Vegas trip was higher than ever. Luckily, after a simple blog post last month, my wishes came true and I was gifted a beautiful 5 day trip from my travel partner in crime. It was unexpected and I was so happy and anticipating this opportunity to explore Vegas while getting in some heavy duty Michaeling!!!

All photos in this recap will be from my brand new iPhone... woo!

First, we went to see the Michael Jackson tribute show at the Rio Hotel, called MJ Live. It really wasn't something I had planned on seeing until we found a Groupon for VIP tickets at 50% off. With a deal like that I could not resist and I am so glad that I experienced this show! The tribute artist performed all of the big hits and some unexpected gems like "Another Part of Me". The audience was all clapping, dancing, and singing along and I felt eerie when the artist would dance and at certain angles, really resembled the real Michael. Now, I am one to get pretty emotional when I am reminded that Michael is gone but, there were really none of those moments in this show so, just be prepared to have fun!

at the Rio after the show!

The only real MUST that was on my list this time as far as Michaeling was concerned, was to go check out Mandalay Bay. This is the hotel that houses the newest Cirque show, Michael Jackson One. Unfortunately, during this trip, the show was dark but, I had to go and see the Michael'ed out part of the hotel for myself!

bigger than life-size Michaels.

those are all doors that look like his military jackets- how cool!

Michael & me.

cool memorabilia and handwritten notes on display.

Michael's AMA jacket on display.

had to take a photo with this iconic piece.

Get tickets for MJ ONE here:

Last but not least, my favorite part had to be playing the newest Michael Jackson slot machine! 
These just rolled out in some Las Vegas hotels but, you should be able to find them at your local casinos sometime in early 2014. I LOVED the new songs and bonus rounds in this. I actually took a video of my small win of $83 from the Don't Stop Til You Get Enough bonus round, but I will have to save that for another post. 

so close- didn't make the bonus round this time.

I have so many more photos and great memories from this trip! I was truly grateful for this amazing time! We did plenty more awesome activities including dining out for some amazing food, seeing an excellent and entertaining magic show (go see Nathan Burton!), a helicopter ride overlooking the strip at night, and more. It's awesome to have someone that you can travel with and no matter the circumstances, you can always come back saying- that was a great trip! 
 Since this blog is MJ focused and I know most of my readers are interested in Michael Jackson related parts of my life, I will share most of those moments here. For more on my day to day life and fun imagery,

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sensual disguise.

love to run my fingers softly while you sigh
love came and possessed you
bringing sparkles to your eyes

happy friday, everyone! xx


Keeping Balance While Running a Michael Jackson fan group/blog

Legacy of Love: Michael Jackson Fans United was a meetup group that I started, with a purpose.

With a huge goal in mind and lots of love for MJ in my heart, I set out to build a community for Michael Jackson fans in the New York City Tri-state area. I succeeded (with the help and participation of fans and with the help of my devoted co-organizer). Legacy of Love, the little group that started in May 2010, now has almost 300 fan members, notable mentions in real publications, and even a good relationship with many of the other stand-out organizations in the community.

After the first two years, Legacy of Love became more of a struggle for me to maintain. I attribute this mostly to a lack of free time. But, it's important to also note that I treated it as a job and endured peaks and valleys, just to make sure that I kept all of the members happy. Well, in making sure that everything was well organized and enjoyable for members, I lost my passion for Michael.

Yeah. I lost it.

I know, it's strange.
I used to be so excited, so passionate, like an MJfangirl SHOULD be.
*hangs head in shame*

After taking a couple months off, I have reevaluated things and can now listen to Michael again with
ease and not feel like I am forcing his music on myself. I can actually go to my DVD rack, and pull a Michael concert or Vision off of the shelf and anticipate watching it.

I used to be confused as to why some of the largest fan groups, blogs, and forums shut down after such a great run. ESPECIALLY after 2009. I felt like now more than EVER, people would be interested in working to keep the legacy alive. But now I realize, maybe those fans were like me?

Putting promoting Michael's legacy above their own personal enjoyment and experiences being a fan.

My advice to anyone running a Michael Jackson forum or fanpage? 

Do not do what I did and risk losing your love for Michael Jackson. 

Do any other fans out there who run blogs, MJ focused groups, websites, forums etc. get tired of MICHAELING? I would love to hear your comments.




you're a whole new generation
guzzle down & taste the thrill of the day
& feel the pepsi way


flashback: a jackson 5 christmas 2012

hey y'all.
I posted this photo of my Christmas tree last year.
Would love to say that I've got a new one but, I will be reusing my old and faithful that is pictured above. 
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I can't wait until I get the chance to decorate and celebrate again!

Here's a look back at my post about why the Jackson 5 Christmas Album will always be a special part of my holiday season. 

Why Jackson 5 Christmas Album Will Be a Tradition in my Home for Years to Come

hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Michael Jackson in-store tribute sighting in NYC

I was with ItzLori not too long ago and on our way to a girls night out, we spotted this cool creation in the window of a neighborhood shop. Isn't this neat? I didn't get a chance to go inside but, I am guessing the shop owner is MJFAM!


Immortal Tour to Return Stateside in 2013

The big news circulating the Michael Jackson fan community, is that Cirque's Immortal Tour is coming back to the U.S. And with several (40!) arena dates and an updated version, it's a must-see in 2014! Check out the Billboard article here for more info : LINK

Although I've been saying that I wasn't too thrilled about what I saw the first time around I have now had a slight change of heart. I felt that it was too cliche and almost  There will be some slight changes, according to John Branca, so I can't pass up the opportunity to see what's in store. I do have some favorite moments, like the unforgettable performance of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," which was truly breathtaking.  Looking forward to seeing the changes. I'll be sure to post when tickets go live again!

How many MJFAM will be there to check this out the second time around?
Comment below! 

My Michael Jackson fandom, ever evolving.

There was a point in my life when Michael Jackson was the focal point of every single day. And at the beginning, my life outside of home compared to my time in my room were two different things.

Let me introduce you to MJFanGirl in high school. 
hi there, my name is mjfangirl and i am so studious, yes i am!

Here's what I went home to:
No space to sleep. Peep the old school phone!

Masquerade ball? Why yes, I will attend... as SIR Michael Jackson!

Michael Michael Michael Michaeeeeeeeel.

Here's an example of how my day may have gone as a high schooler:

I would pretty much wake up for school, get dressed listening to Michael, in between staring at the Michael Jackson posters on my wall. Head to school with Dangerous or Bad remastered CD in my Discman player, riding the bus and singing along in my head.

I'd open my Michael Jackson binder to take notes for class. During lunch, I'd head to the library and log onto MJJForum (which is now MJJCommunity). I might even use some time to print photos of Michael using my print allowance at school, to add to the ever-growing collage on my wall. I'd then go home, and spend hours watching Michael videos on Jetzi's site (this is BEFORE Youtube), downloading clips of Michael, and sometimes just spending time watching one of MANY MJ VHS tapes I made.

And after dinner, I'd juggle talking to my MJ fans on AIM, bidding for rare items (t-shirts!) on eBAY, commenting on online forums, and working on my Jackson 5 website. Yes... I had a Jackson 5 website.

Anyone in high school could tell you that I was the Michael Jackson fan. 
Let's be clear- I decorated my locker with his photos, collected any newspaper with his face on the cover, danced like him in every talent show. People thought I was obsessed but, I went to a small intellectual high school, so rarely was I ever bullied. I am sure I was made fun of behind my back but, for #MJFAM, that just comes with the territory.

What they don't know was that Michael Jackson fandom was more than just an obsession or a past-time for me. It was sort of a fantasy. There's no denying that I always fantasized about the numerous possibilities of how I could be a part of Michael's life. Maybe I could be his friend one day. Or marry one of his nephews, so I could be a Jackson too! Part of that fantasy still holds true in a way. It'd be my dream to work on the Michael Jackson estate team, using my experience, knowledge, and devotion to MJ to help promote his legacy to fans both old and new around the world.

I guess as time went on and I went away to college, met new people, and made new friends- Michael faded into the background. Every now and then, my fandom comes back with a burst of energy and excitement. I guess the way in which I show my love for Michael has evolved. But, I will never forget (and my oldest friends and family will never allow me to forget!) the golden days of my fandom.

Has your Michael Jackson fandom evolved through the years? 
What are some of your most memorable moments as an MJ fan?

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MJFanGirl & Las Vegas?

I love to travel.

I’ve been blessed and fortunate to visit several countries and look forward to exploring more of the world when I get the chance.

I have done more international travel than domestic, which is something that I plan on changing this upcoming year. I have heard rave reviews from both Michael Jackson fan friends and critics on the new Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show ONE. I wrote on the blog about a year back with my experience seeing Immortal and it not really impressing me much. ONE is supposed to be totally different. The show focuses more on Michael's creative genius, which sounds a lot more enjoyable then the Rock n Roll style of Immortal.

So, I've been thinking...

& It only makes sense to head back to Vegas in 2014 to experience the town in all of it's glory (while getting in some awesome Michaeling!). Here is a list of things I would recommend trying for any Michael Jackson fan visiting Las Vegas. 

7 Things to do in Las Vegas for Michael Jackson Fans

7. Play a Michael Jackson slot machine. 

Just do it! I've never really won much besides a couple hundred dollars here or there but, if nothing else- play this game for the awesome experience of sitting back and playing a game set to the soundtrack of Michael! These machines should not be hard to find, as they are one of the most money-making and popular slot machines out there. 

6. Visit Madame Tussaud's wax museum. 

If you have never been to one of the famous wax museums, visiting Las Vegas is the perfect opportunity to do so. I must warn you, the MJ figures never really look MUCH like him but... it's still kinda cool to see his exact height, stature etc. 

5. See Legends in Concert. 

I have never personally seen this show but, my parents and other friends I know have. They feature 4 or 5 legends per show ranging from Elvis, to Lady Gaga, to Madonna, to of course, Michael Jackson. Check the official site here to be sure that you like the line-up before you attend. 

4. See MJ LIVE - a Michael Jackson tribute show at the Rio Hotel. 

My friend V. is one of the biggest MJ fans I know and she LOVED this tribute show when she recently visited Las Vegas. I plan on booking seats for sure!

3. Browse the Regis Galerie in the Shops at the Venetian

Who could forget about this? (link here) All Michael Jackson fans must see "Living With Michael Jackson" the Martin Bashir interview. We all know that this is the moment that arguably caused somewhat of a downward spiral for Michael and his image but, to me it's mandatory for all MJ fans to see from start to finish. Michael loved the Shops at the Venetian hotel and this was the very FIRST thing I did when I visited Las Vegas a couple years back. I won't say that I felt Michael's spirit or anything but, it was sort of cool to see the shops up close and in-person!

2. See Smokey Robinson Presents Human Nature- The Motown Show. 

I went to see this two summers ago and it was one of the best shows I have seen. I even had an ABC cocktail while enjoying the performance! Human Nature is a pop group from Australia that perform all of our favorite Motown hits, by both the male and female groups that shaped the music of a generation. Don't take my word for it- check Tripadvisor here, the show is rated #18 of all attractions in Las Vegas.

1. See Michael Jackson ONE! 

GO SEE THIS... 'nuff said. When I go see Michael Jackson ONE, I will be sure to come back and post my honest review. 

So what are some of your top things to do in Las Vegas? 
Did I miss anything, MJfamily?


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1930s Brunch & The Smooth Criminal Connection

Smooth Criminal was always one of my favorites as a child. Something was just so magical about seeing Michael as this dapper and charming superhero, especially as a kid myself. Even as an adult, I have so many days when I just get into that MOONWALKER mood and I KNOW I can't be the only Michael Jackson fan girl that feels this way. Sometimes you just have those nights where you wish you had your own personal superhero, and what better man to save the day than Michael?

I was totally floored when I heard that the short film was intended to have a country western theme! Michael talks briefly about this on the Private Home Movies special- for those who haven't heard of this before.  I seriously cannot imagine Smooth Criminal being anything other than the 1930's inspired glamorous short film that it is- can you?

Well, I mentioned on here a few weeks back that I had just joined a group called Vintage Brunchies here in the city, a must-attend group for retro/vintage lovers. Once a month, we go out on a weekend and have brunch using a decade theme to dictate our outfit. I have to admit, I am not big on thrift shopping. I am more into vintage reproductions. That being said I wasn't too thrilled when I heard that the decade for October was 1930!


But then it hit me, Smooth Criminal was set in 1930! PERFECTTTTT.

I know that all of the fan girls out there pay attention to Michael in that crisp white suit but, you all remember some of the leading ladies in the video too don't you?

To be honest, when I did my research, a lot of the costumes for the ladies in Smooth Criminal were too over the top! The outfits are a little too reminiscent of the flapper era, the 1920's. 

But nevertheless, I took whatever inspiration I could draw from this video, and searched through my closet for the perfect outfit. 

green tea latte- pretty good!

cod hashbrowns & greens... ick!

some of the lovely ladies and i

me,, and another lovely lady from the group

I was able to wear my 1930's style day dress, nylons, and jewelry from my grandmother's closet. Unfortunately, I injured my foot about a week prior so, the only thing I could fit into were these old. dingy lace up combat boots. I still was happy with what I managed to come up with as far as an outfit. 
The restaurant... well, let's say it wasn't my favorite but, Vintage Brunch outings are becoming a favorite of mine and I can't wait to see what the next decade is.

Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me- hoping that my foot is only bruised and not fractured! 

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Lessons from Michael: Don't let yourself be defined by your failures.

I have failed at many things in life but, I've gained strength at pulling myself up by the bootstraps and trying again. One of the reasons that Michael has inspired me is his determination and the way he set goals for himself. No matter how much praise he got from other people, he constantly challenged himself. Most Michael Jackson fans know the story of his disappointment in getting only one Grammy award for Off The Wall. Michael supposedly took it very much to heart, especially that he did not win the honor for Best Album. Instead of giving up, Michael made a promise to himself that he would one day achieve that honor. He took a red lipstick that belonged to LaToya and wrote on his mirror that he would sell 50 MILLION copies of his next album.

That next album, Thriller, went on to sell over 100 million copies as of 2013.
If that's not a positive affirmation, I can't tell you what is.

Sometimes personal failures, no matter the nature, are essential towards gaining a deeper sense of self and a greater understanding of what paths you are meant to travel in life. Don't let yourself be defined by your failures... get up and be thankful for the opportunity to TRY TRY again!



Baby Fever? A Babies Go Michael Jackson review

Have any other MJFam out there had baby fever? I will be the first to admit, I sometimes catch myself daydreaming of what my children would look like, what they would be like. I wonder if they'll be children of their time or old souls like me. I wonder what they will think about Michael. Let me tell you this... if my kids grew up hating Michael because they were force-fed his music and videos by their dear old mom, I would probably die a little on the inside (kidding!). I want them to be exposed to all different types of music... seriously, I do.

So, I got to thinking, what better way to start em off early than just playing his music? For all of you MJFAM who are soon to be mommies (or one day in the future mommies like me), I have found an awesome way to introduce your children to Michael Jackson's music in a very subtle way.


Yes, you heard me right... BABIES GO MICHAEL JACKSON

Babies Go Michael Jackson is one of the few Michael Jackson themed lullaby albums that I have come across and in my humble opinion, the best pick of the bunch. A lot of the other CD's have fast-paced jarring songs that just end up sounding like old-school midi ringtones as opposed to lullabies.

Here is the tracklist:

  1. I'll Be There
  2. The Girl Is Mine
  3. Heal The World         
  4. You Are Not Alone   
  5. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
  6. Man In The Mirror   
  7. Thriller          
  8. Bad 
  9. Beat It
10. Billie Jean    
11. Black Or White
12. One Day In Your Life               
13. Human Nature
14. We Are The World

This album is composed of Michael Jackson songs that have been transformed into lullabies. Each song features soft bells and chimes, covering both the sounds of the vocals and the track combined into one easy-to-listen-to melody. Covering songs like "Human Nature", "We Are The World," and "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," all the day down to "One Day In Your Life" (whatchuknowaboutdat!?), this album is good enough for babies and Michael Jackson loving mothers to enjoy together.

Here is a sample track, one of my personal favorites from this lullaby album "I'll Be There":

I think that Babies to Go Michael Jackson would be the perfect gift to any MJ fan who is a mommy (or daddy) to be. The songs are familiar yet soothing and have just the right appeal for little ears. 
Babies to Go is available for purchase from in both CD format and as individual MP3s. 

So, do any of my readers have MJ fan friends who are having babies soon or are new parents?
What do you think of the pop song lullaby CD trend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


MJFanGirl Introduces- Jovan, of 3 Legends

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a new series here on MJFanGirl, called MJFanGirl Introduces! 

I have so many awesome fan friends and meet new fans through the blog each and every day. I thought it would be a great opportunity to feature interviews with fans who are doing some awesome things in the fan community. For this first feature, we will be chatting with Jovan Carter, a Michael Jackson tribute artist from Gary, Indiana. He's had awesome reviews and is an up and coming artist who really knows his stuff! I really enjoyed chatting with Jovan and learning more about what inspired him to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. Take a look at what makes him tick and learn more about the story behind his brand, Michael Jackson Impersonator-3 Legends.


Q. It's to great to finally meet you Jovan! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
A. My name is Jovan Carter I am a Tribute Artist/Impersonator who currently lives in Chicago, IL but who is originally from Gary, In. like Michael. Also like Michael I am one of the youngest of a large family I don't think about it alot but there are actually 6 boys and 3 girls like the Jackson family and even my Dad's name is Joe.

Q. How long have you been a Michael Jackson fan?
A. I don't know if I can be precise because he was already everywhere on TV and in his prime at the time I was born in 80's. But I can definitely remember at age 4 watching all the new videos on B.E.T and MTV and wishing that the next artist would be him and then wanting everyone in the house to be quiet when he came on.

Q. What are your favorite MJ songs? 
A. Billie Jean. That was the song that introduced the world to Michael on an iconic level. The total arrangement of it and it's creativity reminds me of James Brown coming up with Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, which was during a time that just about all music counts were on two and four-- James Brown was so unique in that song because the counts are on one and three. Billie Jean the grindy baseline, the whole sound and spirit is so unlike anything else before it. For example, look at the pattern of rhyme in the 1st stanza before the chorus and how it differs from the pattern of rhyme in the second stanza after the chorus... it's just something that I can only describe as raw innovation, pure creativity and one of my favorites. You can always play Billie Jean almost anywhere and people will feel like dancing. I also like Remember the time, Bad, Butterflies, Off the Wall and the list goes on.

Q. When did you first become a MJ impersonator? 
A. When I was 15 in Gary, In at Roosevelt High School. The same place where Michael and his brothers won their first  talent show, Roosevelt High School was also the place I won my first talent show as a MJ Impersonator. 

Q. There are so many impersonators out there. What makes you unique? 
A. You're right you have all nationalities too there are Hispanic ones, Black ones, people from India and other parts of the Middle East it really shows how much of an extensive mark he left on people around the world. But there are two main things that make me unique in a specific way. The first is having a foundation which we talked about that is so similar to MJ in terms of the same neighborhood in Gary and a family setup that is just uncanningly close. When you talk about artistry you can only pull from yourself and your experience. And you can't copy that, people think that you can but even Actors have to draw from something that's real. The second is that Michael not only studied but performed on a professional level tributes to Jackie Wilson and James Brown. You can find studio recordings of him singing "Lonely Teardrops" (Jackie Wilson) and of course "I Got the Feelin'" (James Brown.) I am the only Michael Jackson Impersonator I'm aware of who for a little over 10 years have like Michael also not only studied but performed on a professional level tributes to Jackie Wilson and James Brown. If Michael had to study these guys to become what he became it really puts an Impersonator further out of reach if they don't do the same. It's the 3 Legends I pay tributes to as to why I'm listed as: Michael Jackson Impersonator - 3 Legends, and the reason why my site is entitled!

Q. What kinds of events do you usually perform at? 
A. I perform for all ages at all types of events. I always say Chicago and beyond and I've been able to travel to many cities to do Parades, Festivals, Quinceanera's, Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Kid's parties (there are alot of Michael Jackson themed parties I do). The Senior events, Family Reunions, and Retirement parties are usually the ones I get the requests to combine Jackie Wilson, James Brown, and Michael Jackson into one show. All of these I would say are the ones I usually perform at, although I just received a request to do a show for a Circus, and will be performing on a Cruise Ship the beginning of next year. I'm open to new ideas and love getting in front of new people.

Q. What's the most rewarding thing about being a Michael Jackson impersonator/ tribute artist? 
A. Seeing the same excitement that I had when I was a boy on Children's faces today and when an Elderly person tells me in the most genuine way how much they enjoyed the show. Also just as when I do Jackie Wilson and James Brown, performing as Michael Jackson seems so natural to me and it is really an extension of my personality. I'm one of those person's who if I hear a song that drives me it could be anywhere I have to move, if the song is new to me and really has that effect on me I have to play it at my house to see what it will teach my body to do. So as someone who before being a professional would rehearse a grueling 3 hours just for the insatiableness of it this allows me to express something that I would otherwise have to harness if I wasn't a Michael Jackson Impersonator. 


Thanks for chatting with us Jovan! It was awesome to learn more about this fan doing great things in the fan community. 

If you are interested in booking Jovan, Michael Jackson Impersontor- 3 Legends, 
please do so via telephone 630-631-8581  or on the web at,

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Why I Fell In Love with the Jacksons.

Anyone else love the break down in "Shake Your Body" that Michael would do to close out the BAD tour? The way the guitarist was strummin' and the horns were blazin'... Can anyone else not resist dancing like a fool when that's on?

If anyone knows me or has read this blog, they know that I am goo-goo ga-ga for Michael's career as part of a group.

I actually continued to support and go see the Jacksons after Michael''s pasisng in 2009. To date, I have seen them 4 times on the Jacksons Unity Tour (and once with Michael at the 2001 MSG 30th Anniversary shows).

I actually fell in love with the Jackson 5 before I started to love Michael as a solo artist.

I'd always appreciated Michael as a child because let's face it, my parents would play MOONWALKER for me as a toddler and played the BAD album 'til it could be played no more. My dad had a set of two turntables and a massive sound system that he'd built as a young adult, in our basement. Sometimes he would mix the BAD single with the Dance Mix for fun, or we"d turn on FOX as a family to watch the World Premiere of "Remember the Time," and from time to time we'd sit and watch MJ on all of the award shows and it was peachy. But I distinctly remember my dad putting the Jackson 5 Anthology record on the turntable and turning the lights down low. He told me to close my eyes and listen closely...

I think those moments changed my life.

As I closed my eyes, I became immersed in Michael's voice... "Listen to the sweet sounds" of the songs that only a 60's baby would know by heart. At the age of 12 I was introduced to songs like "Ready or Not," "All I Do (Is Think of You" and "Daddy's Home". But it was one song that I found a deeper connection with. It was "Maybe Tomorrow" that spoke to my heart. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Michael was around my age when he sang it. Or maybe it was because he sang of heartbreak, hope for the future, the ups and downs of love. I never knew I'd grow up to experience the woes that a young Michael sang so convincingly of. I never knew that, at 12, nearly 15 years later, I'd experience the feeling of... Maybe Tomorrow.

Never did I realize that I'd grow to appreciate the meaning of Michael's words as an adult. I don't know what I found that made the Jackson 5 my favorite group, nearly 3 decades after they'd disbanded. I don't know what went through my mind when I tore out pictures of the Jacksons from vintage magazines and hung them up in my middle school locker, posted them in my binder. (All the other girls loved NSync, 98 Degrees, and the groups like that...) Sometimes I think back and wonder what I was thinking.

I guess somewhere in my heart I wished I was a part of the Jacksons. I wished that I had 6 brothers and a host of beautiful sisters and what seemed like a perfect family life. I guess that's part of the illusion and although I know so many things about the Jacksons that no one could have possibly known way back when, they still give me this sense of royalty, class, and togetherness.

The Jacksons music is feel-good, wholesome (for the most part), and something I am so happy to have been "obsessed with" for a good part of my life.

I miss Michael but, am thankful for the opportunity to see the rest of the original Jackson 5 members whenever they come into town.


The Glory Days of Being a Michael Jackson Merchandise Collector

During my teenage years, I used to go online almost daily after school- checking out eBay and other sites to find Michael Jackson collectibles. Every now and then I could come across an original tour shirt or jacket in my size (small- which is SO rare to find on those sites). I would also do lots of searches for first edition copies of Moonwalker, Dancing the Dream, and other Michael Jackson related books. I would get into close bidding wars with others- it would give me such an amazing rush, especially when I won something I'd been searching on for a while. 

One day though...  Michael Jackson merchandise would become extremely easy to come across. Was anyone else feeling bittersweet in 2009, when all of a sudden the Michael Jackson Bravado store popped up?

(PS: Does anyone know what ever happened to that? Did it shut down, I tried to find it last week and it seems to have vanished!) 

In 2009, and for a good solid 2 years, it became SUPER easy to get Michael Jackson themed shirts, jackets, socks, and pretty much anything else you could imagine. Like many fans, a part of me was in love with all of this new merchandise available but- another part of me said- hey wait.... let's have a moment of silence to remember WHY this has happened. Bittersweet, right?  *sigh*

I cherish most of my eBay finds a lot more than the shirts I've gotten in the past 5 years. The most important of those items to me happen to be my HIStory era hoodie, my Victory Tour authentic jacket, and my Triumph tour shirt. All very amazing finds and items I wouldn't trade in for the world. 

 I have to say that now, it just doesn't feel the same. There was something special about collecting novelty items that were coming from other fans around the world, people who found treasures during Spring Cleaning, and people who just regarding the items as trash- but became rare commodities for fans like us. 

I miss those days. 

PS: I have to thank all of my new followers and subscribers! It means so much to me that you would add my little old blog to your blog feeds. I have had a lot of "life taking over" moments these past few months but, I have so much to review, update everyone on and a lot to talk about. 


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Making and KEEPING Michael Jackson Fan Friends & Underexposed Photos

If you have visited my blog more than once, you may have seen one of my most popular posts on your screen, "How to Make Michael Jackson Fan Friends". I went over some key points on how to make friends that are a part of the MJFAM and I realized last weekend, just how many of the Michael Jackson fan friends I have made over the years are still a part of my life.

I can say that our friendships have all had peaks and valleys but, some of the women photographed below have been a part of my life since I was 16 years old- over a decade of laughter, fun, and L.O.V.E.! See if you can spot any of them in the photo from the How to Make Friends entry-- they were ALL there at my very first hang-out session with fellow MJ fans.

So the secret to keeping friends from the MJFAM?

Staying in TOUCH and making sure that we not only celebrate Michael's triumphs and victories but also, that we acknowledge each others! The great thing about having friends with this great common interest, is that whenever life tears us apart, things like the trial vindication day (JUNE 13 2005), the announcement of the O2 THIS IS IT concerts, and even Michael's untimely death, bring us back together. I know that I have some friends for life and I thank Michael Jackson and his music, for providing me with a hobby through which to meet like-minded men and women. 

In case you were wondering, these photos were all taken (well most of them) by me, at our latest Victory Tour Screening meetup. 

I am so sad that they are so underexposed! In fact, I was embarrassed to post them at first but, then I figured why not? The room was quite dark but, I wish that these would have come out a little bit lighter. I think this summer I am going to invest in some more photography classes. Perhaps if there's a Groupon! My DSLR is one of the best investment I've made in years but, I have recently been enamored by the thought of having an instant film camera like this one-  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (in White!) . I think summertime would be the best time to experiment. Wouldn't it be cute to have a cute vintage looking camera to tote around that prints out photos in under 2 minutes?! Now to only find friends and events to attend to take photos of ... *smile*

Apart from the occasional grocery shopping splurge, I have been saving lots of money otherwise. Don't want anything to disrupt my rhythm so, I am thinking of going on another NO BUY challenge. Of course, I will have to make an exception for the BAD 25 Documentary DVD. (Have you seen? It's on sale July 2nd on the Michael Jackson Official Site!)

At this age, I am starting to think long and hard about a future and about family and I want to make sure that I have a nice firm, monetary cushion- so that I'll never have to worry about living check-to-check or anything similar in the near future. Kinda like Michael did for his children... what? A girl can dream big, can't she?  

til next time, 


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