Happy 2013! Review of the Michael Jackson Slot Machine

Hello everyone and welcome to 2013! I know I am a bit late but hey... better late than never?

Today I want to share a brief review of my first time playing on the Michael Jackson slot machine. 
For NYE a friend and I spent our time in Atlantic City and to my surprise, we were able to find the Michael Jackson slot machine right at the Tropicana Hotel. This Bally Technologies machine is awesome fun for both Michael Jackson fanatics and the everyday fan of his music in general.  Featuring songs like "Billie Jean" "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal" playing this slot machine was one that I really enjoyed. 

There were a number of things that impressed me about this machine. #1... it was a penny machine! 
Amazing. But for those of you who are familiar, a lot of the new slot machines have minimum bets. You can bet in intervals of 40 cents a time, up to $3.20.  The chair is situated so that the speakers are playing Michael's music right behind your ears, which makes it an even more fun and interactive experience. I found myself having to set personal limits of 3-4 presses of the bet button per minute to ration out my money. 40 cents a pop doesn't seem like a lot until you are pressing every second trying to get Michael to dance across the screen. :-) 

I would have to say though, the most fun part about this machine was the bonus round. You don't have to play a higher number but my friend insisted that he would take over and bet a little higher... much to my pleasure we entered the bonus round!!!

Here's a short clip of us at the "Beat It" bonus round.... 

Tip.... once you win--- CASH out! I totally thought that Michael would shine down from the heavens and bless me with the Jackson Jackpot but... no such luck! Haha, Michael took my money :'( I don't think I lost too much but I can say that the experience was worth it. I give the Michael Jackson slot machine a thumbs up and I will totally be returning to play again.

Have you ever played this machine? What was your impression? 

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