Have You Ever Been Catfished?

Have you ever had a situation or instance in your life that made you feel like you were dreaming? Sometimes I feel like I'm living a dream, like life is something I'm looking in on instead of experiencing. And I mean that mostly in a good way.

But what about when your reality all turns out to be a figment of your imagination?

I saw the show Catfish for the first time when I went to visit my sister's new living space. I knew that the show was a pretty big deal on TV but I only noticed recently how close it hits to home. The show features a new story every week about someone who is on one end of an online-based relationship. Sometimes they are afraid of meeting the other person because they themselves have sent fake photos but other times, they find out that the person that they'd been corresponding with for years has been someone totally different.

The episode I saw was the story of Tyler (a really gorgeous guy) and Amanda, his blond blue-eyed, beautiful girlfriend of 2 years..... When they tracked Amanda down, they found that she really was a he... An African-American gay male, pretending to be a straight woman.... And he'd done this with hundreds of other guys!
Well it was just intense and I totally am going to be watching more of this show. But it just made me think... You never really know who you're talking to on the other side of the screen.

You might remember my entry a while back about my top tips for how to make friends in the Michael Jackson community. One of my main recommendations was to find an online forum or meetup to start off. I can name several people that I've met online that have become of the best friends I have in the world. In fact, one of my BEST friends in this world - hey Allen!... I found ONLINE.

I was transferring from one campus of my university to another and did a simple.... Well, a moderate Facebook search to find others in my major... And he seemed fun in the photos. I messaged him to ask about the program and eventually we met up months later and became the best of friends. We've been friends for 6 or 7 years now and he's one of the few people I truly can say I've been the best of friends with. He always teases that he's my only friend.... Haha, but doesn't mean it! Anyway he lives overseas now but whenever he's home for the summer he always makes a pitstop to see me for a few days.

I've met DOZENS upon DOZENS of my Michael Jackson fan friends online and we've become real life friends who hang out from time to time. The online thing has just never really failed me... Hell, most of the best moments in my life were shared with those I met (or reconnected with *smile*) on the internet. I've been blessed to have never been catfished but, it tends to happen quite often in the community. I know so many folks that thought they were friends with Paris Jackson, Grace the nanny, and heck-- even Michael HIMSELF. Michael Jackson fans, well... Sometimes we can be a lil on the imaginative side. You've really got to use your judgment though.

Don't get catfished.

Have you ever been friends with someone in the MJ Community online and became friends in real life?

Have you ever been catfished?

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  1. "CATFISHED"? No not in a while, but after when I saw on the news just last week when they was talking about it. I said to myself OMG thats so carzy when those people is trying to pretend to be a person online when thier's not. So I'll have to be very careful. Even though I love talking to some MJ Fans that doesn't mean I can see a person next to me on the comptuer like that?

    1. Yeah, it's scary! I am even more careful now when talking to MJ fans online, you never know!

  2. Oh hell wow!! Its scary!!! I hope its not real wow!


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