Lessons from Michael: love is a feeling.

"You always knew just how to make me cry. And never did I ask you questions why... it seems you get your kicks from hurting me. Don't try to understand me because your words just aren't enough."

"Give Into Me" - Michael Jackson

Wearing: Michael Jackson Beat It Shirt

This is what I wore to last week's meetup. I have plenty of pink and red shirts but, I decided to mix it up and do something a little more colorful and fun. We went along with the Valentine's Day theme and held a Michael Jackson love songs discussion. The group spoke about songs from "Lady In My Life" to "Rock With You" to "I Can't Help It" but, I chose to go the non-traditional route and talk about "Give Into Me". In my interpretation this song is all about a one sided and unevenly yoked relationship, Michael being the partner that was giving 100% and could never get his mate to GIVE IN to his needs.

Love songs don't always have to be lovey-dovey to be raw and passionate and I love how Michael takes on these kinds of subjects. 

In other news... just when I thought nothing else could go wrong for me this past week- God spoke to me and seriously showed me that I have to much in store; So much more to accomplish in life. My frown turned upside down when I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime this week. I pray that it all goes well and that I can remain focused on the task at hand. I have always dreamed about putting my number one passion to work and using my business skill and expertise to make wonderful things happen... and now it is my time to shine.

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and PS. thanks so much to all who entered my very first giveaway
congrats to Kimberly who won the Jackson 5 DVD-- let us know how you like it! xx


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