1930s Brunch & The Smooth Criminal Connection

Smooth Criminal was always one of my favorites as a child. Something was just so magical about seeing Michael as this dapper and charming superhero, especially as a kid myself. Even as an adult, I have so many days when I just get into that MOONWALKER mood and I KNOW I can't be the only Michael Jackson fan girl that feels this way. Sometimes you just have those nights where you wish you had your own personal superhero, and what better man to save the day than Michael?

I was totally floored when I heard that the short film was intended to have a country western theme! Michael talks briefly about this on the Private Home Movies special- for those who haven't heard of this before.  I seriously cannot imagine Smooth Criminal being anything other than the 1930's inspired glamorous short film that it is- can you?

Well, I mentioned on here a few weeks back that I had just joined a group called Vintage Brunchies here in the city, a must-attend group for retro/vintage lovers. Once a month, we go out on a weekend and have brunch using a decade theme to dictate our outfit. I have to admit, I am not big on thrift shopping. I am more into vintage reproductions. That being said I wasn't too thrilled when I heard that the decade for October was 1930!


But then it hit me, Smooth Criminal was set in 1930! PERFECTTTTT.

I know that all of the fan girls out there pay attention to Michael in that crisp white suit but, you all remember some of the leading ladies in the video too don't you?

To be honest, when I did my research, a lot of the costumes for the ladies in Smooth Criminal were too over the top! The outfits are a little too reminiscent of the flapper era, the 1920's. 

But nevertheless, I took whatever inspiration I could draw from this video, and searched through my closet for the perfect outfit. 

green tea latte- pretty good!

cod hashbrowns & greens... ick!

some of the lovely ladies and i

me, Itzlori.com, and another lovely lady from the group

I was able to wear my 1930's style day dress, nylons, and jewelry from my grandmother's closet. Unfortunately, I injured my foot about a week prior so, the only thing I could fit into were these old. dingy lace up combat boots. I still was happy with what I managed to come up with as far as an outfit. 
The restaurant... well, let's say it wasn't my favorite but, Vintage Brunch outings are becoming a favorite of mine and I can't wait to see what the next decade is.

Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me- hoping that my foot is only bruised and not fractured! 

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  1. Very nice dress! I love Moonwalker so much that from time to time I will crack out the old VHS and plug it into the TV just so I can watch it! Hopefully someday I'll get myself a DVD copy of the movie! This summer I went to Las Vegas for my honeymoon and I had my photo taken with the Smooth Criminal version of Michael Jackson at Madame Tussauds. If only it could have been the real Michael... {sigh} :)

    1. Hi Elaine- thanks so much!
      How was the Smooth Criminal version of MJ? I always thought the wax figures that I've seen of him have been a little off!


thanks for commenting, #MJfam! xx

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