Las Vegas Trip Report - Michaeling in Sin City!

The blog has been quiet for quite some time but now that some things are out of the way and the holidays have passed us by, I am finally back to share my Las Vegas trip report with you.

Before this trip, I had only been to Vegas one time but, didn't really get the chance to explore and see everything as my time there was so limited. With one of my favorite bloggers, Vintage Vandalizm's recent move to Sin City and the rave reviews of Michael Jackson ONE, my interest in another Vegas trip was higher than ever. Luckily, after a simple blog post last month, my wishes came true and I was gifted a beautiful 5 day trip from my travel partner in crime. It was unexpected and I was so happy and anticipating this opportunity to explore Vegas while getting in some heavy duty Michaeling!!!

All photos in this recap will be from my brand new iPhone... woo!

First, we went to see the Michael Jackson tribute show at the Rio Hotel, called MJ Live. It really wasn't something I had planned on seeing until we found a Groupon for VIP tickets at 50% off. With a deal like that I could not resist and I am so glad that I experienced this show! The tribute artist performed all of the big hits and some unexpected gems like "Another Part of Me". The audience was all clapping, dancing, and singing along and I felt eerie when the artist would dance and at certain angles, really resembled the real Michael. Now, I am one to get pretty emotional when I am reminded that Michael is gone but, there were really none of those moments in this show so, just be prepared to have fun!

at the Rio after the show!

The only real MUST that was on my list this time as far as Michaeling was concerned, was to go check out Mandalay Bay. This is the hotel that houses the newest Cirque show, Michael Jackson One. Unfortunately, during this trip, the show was dark but, I had to go and see the Michael'ed out part of the hotel for myself!

bigger than life-size Michaels.

those are all doors that look like his military jackets- how cool!

Michael & me.

cool memorabilia and handwritten notes on display.

Michael's AMA jacket on display.

had to take a photo with this iconic piece.

Get tickets for MJ ONE here:

Last but not least, my favorite part had to be playing the newest Michael Jackson slot machine! 
These just rolled out in some Las Vegas hotels but, you should be able to find them at your local casinos sometime in early 2014. I LOVED the new songs and bonus rounds in this. I actually took a video of my small win of $83 from the Don't Stop Til You Get Enough bonus round, but I will have to save that for another post. 

so close- didn't make the bonus round this time.

I have so many more photos and great memories from this trip! I was truly grateful for this amazing time! We did plenty more awesome activities including dining out for some amazing food, seeing an excellent and entertaining magic show (go see Nathan Burton!), a helicopter ride overlooking the strip at night, and more. It's awesome to have someone that you can travel with and no matter the circumstances, you can always come back saying- that was a great trip! 
 Since this blog is MJ focused and I know most of my readers are interested in Michael Jackson related parts of my life, I will share most of those moments here. For more on my day to day life and fun imagery,

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  1. Seriously need to make a pitstop in Vegas on my way to LA this summer!

  2. Cool! The display with the memorabilia and handwritten notes wasn't there when I was there in August!


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