My Dave Paul's Prince Vs. Michael Jackson Experience Party review

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I went to a Dave Paul Prince vs Michael Jackson party a couple of years back for the first time. I had fun but, I also got tired of the 5-6 minutes of time that my friends and I spent just standing around waiting for Michael Jackson songs to come back on. (Sorry Prince fans!) At that point, I'd told myself that I would not be attending any more of these types of parties.

Now 2 weeks back, I was in some serious need of quality time with my MJ family. The big talk amongst the community here was this MJ vs Prince party, so I decided to head out to join everyone else, despite my decision from years back. The event was held at South Street Seaport's newest venue ーan inflatable disco cube!

I will have to apologize to him in person one day for complaining that he played too much Prince that time a few years back... because this time I had a BLAST! I had so much fun. It seemed that he played all of the favorites plus some unreleased tracks from both artists! I feel that the vibe of his parties has changed dramatically since that very first time (for the better) and this event was an equally good experience for Michael Jackson and Prince fans alike. Loved it and can't wait until March 29th when he comes back to NYC!

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  1. It was so great seeing you! It felt like old times!

    1. I had a blast, I missed the good old days <3

    2. Good times! Cant wait til the next one in March!

  2. thanx, see you on March 29th at DROM

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