Every wonder in this world to me

a treasure time won't steal away.

ahh, happy hump day !

My work life has been SO crazy lately but, I have a lot of fun things coming up - including some hardcore Michaeling! One of my good friends is celebrating a milestone birthday so, much partying is in order. And of course, since we are all going to be MJ fans at the party, we are probably doing to be doing a lot of MJ -lovin' activities.

I am also super happy because for the first time everrrrr, my blog was featured and a single post got hundreds of hits in a day. Special thanks to Who's Bad for the feature, it means so much to me that you guys read and enjoyed my review.

Moments like this make me really excited and want to dedicate more of my energy and time into blogging about my experiences both at MJ fan events and as a fan in general. I am open to covering lots more events and subjects in the future so, if you have a suggestion or want me to review something or post about an item in my collection, even write about a part of living life as a Michael Jackson fan... leave a comment below :)

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