hello, summer

I haven't put much time or energy into blogging lately.
It's almost as if when i realized i was not going to LA, I lost the desire to write here.
Totally meant to post my thoughts about Xscape, which is not only an awesome album but,
brought so much life and happiness back to the fan community.

Despite what people think about the MJ estate, posthumous releases and the like, Xscape was like a breath of fresh air. So modern yet SO Michael and true to his style.
Maybe one day soon I can get my act together enough to post a good review of the album! For now, I have to say that I am IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with "Loving You". To me it just encompasses everything fun/free about love and friendship. (CURRENTLY ON REPEAT MODE)

Also, I  FINALLY have a fun trip report coming up that I will be blogging on and
can't wait to share with you guys.

Summer has been going really well for me and we are only two weeks in....

Lots of michaeling WILL be going down this season!

until next time,

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