3 Reasons Why I Loved Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil - Fan Review

When I saw on Facebook Events that the Michael Jackson Estate was holding a fan event at Mandalay Bay for his birthday this year, I realized that I still hadn't up my personal review of the show.  Seeing this show was many, many years in the making for me and I want to take the time out to document my "journey" there, my experience at the show, and of course, a couple of photo memories from my time there. 

Let's start at the beginning.... with Michael Jackson Immortal.

I went to go see the Michael Jackson Immortal show in New York City when it came to MSG in 2011. I enjoyed because it was my first Cirque Du Soleil show, it was set to Michael Jackson music and to be totally honest... I was still very much grieving the loss of Michael. There were moments where I laughed, I cried, and even got out of my seat and danced. In spite of this, I didn't feel quite connected to Michael during the show. Fans tend to agree that there's a great sense of Michaels energy surrounding you when you hear his music loud and in the presence of other fans. For me, Immortal missed the mark.

When I heard about Michael Jackson One, I was not very interested to go see it because my hopes were just not all that high. Most of my fan friends had been to the premiere and simply raved about it. From the paparazzi element, to the music choices, to the imagery of Michael that they chose- my friends had all painted the picture that MJ One was everything MJ Immortal was not. I vowed to make it back to Las Vegas to go and see the show to be able to decide for myself.  

After a busy few months into 2016, I found my way back to Michael this summer and also back in Las Vegas.

Why I Loved Michael Jackson ONE 

1. The Set-Up:

First, let's talk about the set-up. A special corner near the entrance of the show has been decorated with Michael Jackson merchandise, from handwritten notes, to autographed VHS tapes, and even the infamous AMA red and gold jacket. If you are a fan who has never seen Michael memorabilia up close, make sure you carve out at least twenty minutes to fully look around and experience the magic in just seeing some of these items in person. Oh... And did I mention there's a Michael Jackson STORE with all types of merchandise?! (I promise to do a dedicated post to my mini haul from my visit to the Michael Jackson One store sometime soon.)

2. The Message:

Seeing this show was one of the most emotional experiences I've had (post 2009) as a fan. Michael Jackson One truly captured the essence of Michael's message, his music, and his heart .... His heart... an element significantly contributes to the reason mega-fans exist  (and yet is often overlooked).

I can generally say that I am a fan of any tribute to Michael Jackson because I believe every effort is something that contributes to keeping his legacy and memory alive. In spite of this, I am admittedly critical of most projects because so many in the past seven years have missed the mark. 

Michael Jackson One nails it.

3. The Music and The Emotion

Even before it begins, you are immersed in Michael's world. From tabloids to the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras, even the casual fan gets a glimpse into the intensity of Michael Jackson's stardom. The storyline is clever and four main characters are witty but for me, they came secondary to the amazing selection of music and videos of Michael that accompanied the dancers and performers on stage. The song selection is very similar to what was used in the "Michael Jackson Immortal" show but, the usage is better executed this time around. Particularly during the performance of "Man in the Mirror," is when I found myself especially emotional and overwhelmed by Michael's energy. 

Although, some parts of the story are slower than others, I found there were enough moments of Michael Jackson One that make it a must-see show for both casual and mega-fans like myself.

Anddddd mega fan moment in 3...2...1...

I couldn't resist!


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Have you seen Michael Jackson One? 
How did it compare to Immortal for you?

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