Michael Jackson's secret letter and how he inspires me.

"I know who I am inside and outside, and I know what I want to do. 
And I will always go with my dreams". 
~ Michael Jackson

One of the things I learned from Michael Jackson was to always believe in your dreams and work hard towards achieving them. Earlier this year, I had the honor of attending a pre-screening of the Michael Jackson Off The Wall documentary by Spike Lee. I know that a lot of you reading this have probably already seen it but, for those of you who haven't- go buy it now! (link to buy).

In the documentary, there was a moment where a handwritten letter that Michael wrote to himself in 1979 was revealed. In typical and recognizable penmanship, he wrote on the back of a Destiny Tour itinerary:

"'MJ will be my new name. No more Michael Jackson. 
'I want a whole new character, a whole new look. I should be a tottally [sic] different person. 
People should never think of me as the kid who sang ABC, [or] I Want You Back. 
I should be a new, incredible actor/singer/dancer that will shock the world. I will do no interviews. I will be magic.  

I will be a perfectionist, a researcher, a trainer, a masterer [sic]. I will be better than every great actor roped into one."

There was more to the letter but, when I saw this part, I was sitting between two of my closest fan friends... bawling my poor little eyes out! Thinking back, I am shocked at how touched I was during that moment.

I was overcome with emotion. How could it have been that 21 year old Michael Jackson, spoke his future and accomplishments into existence?

If it was one thing that being a fan taught me, it's always been to believe and work towards your wildest dreams. Of course, Michael worked hard and arguably harder than any other enertainer out there. But there's that element of magic in him... and it's the magic of taking the gifts you have been given and taking whatever it is that you desire to the NEXT LEVEL.

So inspirational.

Was anyone else inspired by this moment in the Off The Wall documentary? 

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this and how MJ might have influenced you to chase your own dreams.

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