The Michael Jackson Fan Tag!

One day I randomly came across a series of videos titled "The MJ fan tag". Although, it would be amazing to create a vlogging presence, I am not sure I am quite ready to completely expose myself to the internet... So, I decided to answer the questions here!

1- When did you become a MJ fan?

I grew up listening to Michael's music in my household. As a child, I remember a Billie Jean poster being on the back of my door. When I would wake up from nightmares or have anything troubling me, I always remember being able to look up and look at that poster- for some reason it helped comfort me back to sleep! I became a huge fan in middle school though, if I were to be more specific...

I was in 6th grade when I became what you'd consider a "fanatic". I was watching the Jacksons American Dream movie on VH1 and during the scene where the actor playing Michael was recording Human Nature in the studio.... something just clicked.  I've felt the same way ever since.

2-Why do you love MJ as much as you do?

His story inspires me. The emotions in his voice really touch me and speak to my heart. I've made some of my best friends through being a fan. The fan community is so much fun to be a part of. He taught me to always believe in my dreams... and has always exemplified how to be strong and get through difficult times gracefully, with a smile.

3-Share a funny experience regarding MJ.

Really not sure about this one... I have had tons of FUN times with my MJ fan friends but, can't recall any funny moments- sorry!

4- What are your favorite physical attributes of MJ? 

I love his smile. It's contagious! I actually used to turn on the music video "WhatzUpWitU" because he smiled so much and it genuinely could cheer me up within 30 seconds of watching. 

5- Name your Top 5 favorite MJ songs or the first ones that come to mind.

This is always the most difficult question, isn't it #mjfam!? My favorite Michael Jackson songs honestly change from time to time and from year to year.

If I was forced to choose 5, they would be: 1. SOMEONE PUT YOUR HAND OUT, 2. Human Nature, 3. It's The Falling In Love, 4. Forever Came Today (Jackson 5), 4. Maybe Tomorrow (Jackson 5)... and honorable mention would be Good Times (Jacksons). 

6- Favorite short film? 

I love so many of them but, I have to choose Remember the Time.

7-Favorite video of MJ on YouTube?

I honestly do not watch videos of Michael on Youtube anymore- so I can't really say! Most of my video watching binges were during my high school and college days but, programs I always turn to when I am feeling like I need some Michael in my day are "Dangerous Tour: Live in Bucharest" and "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies". 

8- First MJ collectible? 

Oh I really don't know! But, two of my most prized possessions that I won myself on eBay are my Dangerous Pop Up Album and my HIStory tour hoodie.

9- If you could take MJ anywhere for a day, where would it be? 

I would just want to visit Neverland Valley Ranch with him. Sitting and talking with him would be my "dream moment". Very lowkey and chill.

10- If you had a chance to meet MJ, what would MOST LIKELY be your reaction? 

I have thought about this a lot. I think the fainting thing just isn't me. But, I would absolutely cry. I would be SO overcome with emotion, I wouldn't be able to stop the tears from flowing. 

11- If you could tell MJ anything what would you say? 

Just that I love him and thank him for everything he's done for me through his music. Thanks for making it cool to be unique and for sacrificing your life and privacy to share your talent with the world.

12- Do you have a favorite MJ era?

The Dangerous era!


That's the end of the MJ Tag!

I would love to hear some of your answers in the comments below!

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