Ahhh! I visited the I LOVE MJ shop in Tokyo!

I've always given much props to Japan for always showing love and respect to Michael Jackson.
When my friend Yousuke told me that there was a Michael Jackson specialty store called I LOVE MJ Shop in Odaiba, I couldn't wait to check it out together!

I LOVE MJ is a shop tucked away in a mall, just steps away from the train station. Visiting this store is a MUST for anyone who is fascinated by Michael Jackson and visiting the Tokyo area. The store is quaint but, a hardcore fan could easily spend hours in here (like we did).

Before I continue, I must say: One of the things that makes me happiest about being a Michael Jackson fan are how often I met amazing people in the community. I never blogged about this but, I met Yousuke and his friends this summer in front of the Apollo Theatre in New York. We all totally hit it off and talked about when we became fans and how much we love Michael. Anyway, I never imagined I would be able to reconnect with the new friends I made in Tokyo, just months after meeting. I am very thankful for my MJ friends all over the world and SUPER grateful for the rare treat of being able to explore the merchandise and ask questions about things I'd never seen before. 

Signed memorabilia, tour passes, posters, and original film prints. T-shirts. Vinyl albums. Books. Calendars... and the list goes on. They had Destiny and Triumph tour DVDs and even a compilation disc of Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials! . Unfortunately, I was too nervous to get DVDs because I wasn't sure if I would be able to watch a DVD from Japan back in New York. (Anyone know and able to help me out with that?) I LOVE MJ is not only a great place to pick up some rare DVDs, there are also novelty goods with Michael Jackson's face and name noted on them.

I walked away doing less than $100 USD of damage with just a t shirt and a really cute pencil case/makeup bag.

Yousuke and I spent two hours at the shop. We were pressed for time during this visit because I was on a business trip. Since our schedules were both open on the day I arrived, this was my first stop after the airport (excuse the lack of makeup and the leggings, I travel in comfort- haha!) One of the store workers was kind enough to take photos of us in the Thriller and Beat It jackets (pictured at the top). So very cool!

I will be returning to Japan soon and heading back to the I LOVE MJ shop again.

If you want to check out this gem, visit their official shop blog below for more information:

If you want to visit it, it is in Odaiba, Tokyo at a shopping center called Odaiba Decks!

PS. The shop owner featured our visit in a blog post- I was so surprised -- scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out :)

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 until next time-- xoxo!


  1. Holy jeez... Id have to have a spare few thousand dollars with me because unfortunately I have no self control when it comes to memorabilia. Oh god, those shirts! Everything! This is yet another reason why I need to go to Japan!

    1. Isn't it great!? I realllly wanted to buy more (like those magazines they had- all in super great condition!) but, I stopped myself. LOL, there's always next time I suppose.

  2. My boyf is going to cry when I track that place down when we actually get to Japan. I am going to need a shipping container so I can buy the whole shop and put it in my back room. I do have a lot of those magazines (all of them, I think?) but it could never hurt to have them again!

  3. Where is it? Do you remember the address and how to get there?

    1. Yes! It is in Odaiba at a mall called, ODAIBA DECKS

      Here is the website! http://www.i-love-mj-shop.com/

  4. hey there.....about the dvd....I bought several dvd´s in China and I was only able to play them I thin 3 times (I´m from Germany), because the devices like computer, dvd player etc have a built in "thing" ( I don`t know the english word for it ) that you can only watch it so many times. after that it would not recognize the dvd.... so I´d probably would`t buy dvd`s !!!!
    but oh my...that store....I´d buy EVERYTHING !!!! unbelievable !!! That´s heaven <3


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