Gifts for the Michael Jackson Fan- A Guide (for Christmas - or anytime!) PART 1

Now that Halloween is behind us, Holiday season is in full effect.

Here in New York, icicle lights begin to illuminate the city, store windows boast their extravagant Christmas displays, and there’s that sense of cheer and brotherhood in the air. As Michael shouts in the Jackson Five “Christmas Won’t Be The Same This Year,” song- the time only happens once a year (!) and it’s always been one of my favorites. 

I’ve personally never been a big gift person but, growing up, I was always allowed to make a list of my top items I wanted for Christmas. Most times I got the items I requested but, as I get older… I realize that so much more of what I appreciate about the holidays were the memories I got to make with friends and family. 

Since my high school days, I’ve been known as the “token MJ fan” in my circles. People have always struggled with what to get me so, here is a list of some awesome gifts I think any Michael Jackson fan would love! I will break this list into 4 parts. First, here are some of my gift recommendations for the Jacksons lover!

These are all perfect gifts for the fan who enjoys Michael’s pre-Off The Wall solo days (or who is eager to learn more about his Jackson 5 and Jacksons days.

1. Hello World - The Motown Solo Collection [3 CD] Box set, Extra tracks

Simply one of my favorite parts of Michael's career. Some of my favorties are "I Wanna Be Where You Are" and "With a Chil'd Heart". This is the most comprehensive cillection in my opinion when it comes to Michael's solo career at Motown. I actually don't own this in disc form but, it is one of the albums I have downloaded in my Spotify account. The progression of Michael's voice from child to teenager is astounding and this collection is worth listening at least one time, the entire way through.

2. Jacksons: An American Dream- The Complete Miniseries (3 Discs)

Would you believe it if I told you it wasn't even Michael HIMSELF that introduced me to his own solo work? I became a fan of Michael while watching this movie, so it it incredibly dear to my heart. Disc 2 is everything!!

3. Jackson 5ive Complete Series

You may have read my review (here) of the J5 DVD when it first came out! I actually think this is an awesome gift for any fan that isn't really familiar with Jackson 5 music. I grew to love some of the favorites I have now "I Bet You," and "Can I See You In The Morning?" especially, after I was introduced to them via this show. Although the voices of the characters are not the actual Jackson brothers, each episode features two Jackson 5 songs- making it a must-have on this list. 

My favorite episodes are "Jackson and the Beanstalk" and "The Winner's Circle"!

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever DVD

The photo says it all. Watch the moment that transformed Michael's career. This entire DVD program gives a great context to the moment because you can see what other performances were happening, who else was being honored, and get the feeling everyone did back in 1983 when they saw Michael moonwalk for the first time.


Michael Jackson’s VISION DVD Box Set

This is a bonus item that I’m including because of the Enjoy Yourself, Blame it on the Boogie, and Can You Feel It videos- which all are released officially on DVD for the first time on the box set. The quality is awesome and I find myself popping in the bonus disc more than the 2 others sometimes!

That's all for now! I will be posting the next installment sometime later this month. 
Until next time...xoxo

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