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I've been a fan for ages and realize that each and every one of us is super unique in our tastes; Even within the Michael Jackson catalog of music. In talking about songs that I like, typing the lyrics just doesn't work well enough. So I decided to throw it back to the days of the mixtape, and make my own playlist to share. This is a follow-up to my last post, one that I'm extremely proud of. It was called "What I Know About Jermaine Jackson- A Michael Jackson Fan Perspective" and I shared all that I knew about their relationship, the musical chemistry, and how it was meeting one of them (!) in person. Check it out here.

Before I start, if you haven't been subscribed to a streaming service, you MIGHT be missing out! I used to be a member of Apple Music but, a friend told me about how much more extensive the Jacksons music library was on Spotify and I immediately switched over. I have a lot of Michael Jackson CDs and DVDs but, this is the best way I can access any music I want to, on-the-go!

One of the things that I discovered recently too, was that Spotify finally has the Immortal soundtrack. Even though my favorite Michael Jackson based Cirque Du Soleil show is "MJ One," I am huge into this soundtrack, so it feels like I've been waiting for this moment forever.

This past weekend I typed in Michael Jackson quickly, to find a song to play on a short drive. To my surprise and excitement- there it was. My favorite tracks are "Smooth Criminal- Immortal Version", "This Place Hotel- Immortal Version," and "(I Like) the Way You Love Me/Speed Demon/Another Part of Me- Immortal Version". 

Now on to the best part...

Brothers- Best of Michael and Jermaine Jackson Playlist! 

I'm excited to share with you, a playlist that I've curated especially for the last post called "Brothers- The Best of Michael and Jermaine Jackson". It's a full 1.5 hours of what I consider to be the best songs that showcase the chemistry as singers between Michael and Jermaine. And also, a couple of my personal FAVORITE Jermaine Jackson tracks! I've included notes for some of them.


1. The Jackson 5- ABC  
Sit yourself down & take a seat- all you gotta do is repeat after me! Classic Jermaine line.

2. The Jackson 5- The Love You Save

3. The Jackson 5- Forever Came Today
One of my top favorite J5 songs of all time. Jermaine really takes it to new heights when he joins Michael on the chorus: "Made my lonely life, paradise. It came today, forever came today!" I also know the performance choreography for this! Shout out to one of the first members of the Legacy of Love NYC fan club, who was a trooper and learned this with me in the basement of my parents home. My dad played "Joseph," giving us the 8-count and making us practice over and over 'til we got it right!

4. The Jackson 5- Body Language (Do The Love Dance)

5. The Jackson 5- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
A classic from the Jackson 5 Christmas album. It was on every holiday season in my household- without fail!

6. Jermaine Jackson- Seasons Greetings From Jermaine 

7. The Jackson 5- Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing 
A great showcase of the vocal talents of a young Jermaine Jackson, circa 1972. But also, awesome performance by Michael as well, as they share lead vocal on this track.

8. The Jackson 5- Dancing Machine 

9. The Jackson 5- I Am Love 
I always found this song boring as a kid, until my dad made me sit and listen to the entire 7 minutes and 30 seconds. It starts off slow but the build up is SO worth it. HIGHLY recommended!

10. The Jackson 5- Sugar Daddy (Live At The Forum) 
Perfect example of the call and response vocals Michael and Jermaine were known for. Also bonus; catch Michael performing live in the midst of his voice changing in 1972.

11. The Jackson 5- Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year 
One of the most poignant things about this song? The Jacksons were raised as Jehovahs Witnesses and did not celebrate Christmas. Yet, Jermaine totally kills it, bringing that maturity and soul that he always did.

12. The Jackson 5- Reach In 

13. The Jackson 5- Maybe Tomorrow 

My favorite Jackson 5 song, ever. If you haven't listened, please do. Michael is lead vocal but, again, it's that chemistry that really drives the point home.

14. The Jackson 5- Daddy's Home- Live In Japan/ 1973 
Here Jermaine's popular rendition of the song and Michael singing loud and clear on background.

15. The Jackson 5- That's How Love Goes- Live In Japan/1973 
Jermaine's song, as they performed it live in Japan. Fun skit featuring all of the brothers beforehand too, for a little humor.

16. Jermaine Jackson- Let's Get Serious- Single Version 
Jermaine's biggest solo hit to this date. Written and produced by Stevie Wonder.  This song was the #1 soul hit of 1980... Michael's "Rock with You" was #2. My dad sang this at Jermaine when we met him in 2011 and he cracked the biggest smile and laugh! I'll always remember that moment.

17. Jermaine Jackson- Dynamite 

18. Jermaine Jackson- Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True) 
Duet with Michael- I raved about this and the live performance for it as well in my last post! If you bypass everything else, can you please skip to this and listen all the way through?

19. Jermaine Jackson- Do What You Do- 12" Remix Version  
Jermaine used to play this in a solo set on the Jacksons: Unity Tour. It was AWESOME when I saw him do it and I only wish that it was still part of the setlist. I think everyone who is an 80's baby and familiar with soul/r&b music knows this song.

20. The Jackson 5- I'll Be There 

21. The Jacksons- 2300 Jackson Street

22. The Jackson 5- I Found That Girl  
Curious about why Jermaine was branded as the heartthrob and crooner of the group?
Listen to this and all your questions will be answered. Trust me.


Now log onto Spotify and follow the playlist. (You don't need a paid subscription to listen, the app just may play a few commercial ads in between songs.)

I will be making several more to accompany upcoming posts, if you guys like it.

Are there any Jermaine songs that you like but, didn't make the list? 
Let me know in the comments or shoot me a note on social media.

Don't forget to read the post right before this for MORE song recommendations (and links to video clips too!).

I hope you all enjoyed this shorter update and stay tuned for another post that I've been meaning to share for a while.

Until next time... 

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