Weekend Snapshot- Invincible – A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson

I woke up last Saturday morning and decided that I was in the mood for Michael.

When things get busy and stressful, is when I most urgently feel the need to reconnect with some of the things and people that make me happy. Of course, Michael Jackson is usually at the top of that list.

Invincible- A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson is one of the many tribute shows I’ve attended over the years.  Produced by Darrin Ross and choreographed by one of Michael’s former choreographers, Lavelle Smith, Invincible is a theatrical production featuring two well-known tribute artists.

Both Pete Carter and Jeffrey Perez are talented and hardworking guys! Whenever I see this show, I know that some “MJ Fan” energy is going to come out of the performance, which I also enjoy.  I saw them last at NJPAC in New Jersey, during the summer of 2016.

On a whim, I decided to head all the way to one of the outer boroughs of the city to see the show again.

I took one of my close friends from college with me. 

Let me preface this by saying, she is not a Michael Jackson fan. She is a woman who, like most people, loves Michael as an artist in general. To be honest, she’s a Janet Jackson fan more than anything else. She has always respected my dedication and loyalty to Michael Jackson and for that especially, I’ve considered her a true friend. Friendship is so much about acceptance for me. It takes a lot to see someone’s flaws and shortcomings and still go out of your way to cherish them and their role in your life. And she’s one of those people for me.

Despite this, I’ve always kept my “MJ world” compartmentalized from most people. Outside of knowing that I’m a fan, people don’t know much else. And I like it that way for the most part. I’ve had MJ fan friends since I could access the internet, so the need to have other companionship at events or to discuss Michael-related things was never there. But, last weekend I took the plunge and decided to ask her to tag along.

It was a rainy and gloomy day. After enjoying a movie and indulging in lunch from my favorite burger spot (SHAKE SHACK!) we were on our way to the Staten Island venue.

Overall, we both enjoyed the show. They do many of the big hits associated with dance numbers (“Thriller,” “Smooth Criminal,” etc), the big ballads (think “Man in the Mirror” and “Human Nature”) and to my delight, a couple of Jacksons songs that usually don’t get much attention from tribute shows. Pete Carter performs as “Dancing Michael” and Jeffrey Perez performs as “Singing Michael” and it makes for a good balance. Before we went to the show, I sat my friend down and had her watch THIS – Jeffrey’s appearance on the Ellen Show last year.  

A lot of people have asked me why I attend tribute events. 

I guess it's a "thing"- some Michael Jackson fans just don't like them. And I understand it- I used to be that fan. 

But, I love the music and the atmosphere. I love the idea of going to a Michael event because no matter what it is, as long as it’s being done well and in good faith- I enjoy supporting other fans. And I love dressing up in my MJ gear and representing my hero. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that I was having trouble deciding what to wear that night. I posted this photo:

MJ shirt collection

Here’s what I ended up wearing:

And here I am with the tribute artists: 

Overall, I had a good experience that night. And as for inviting my friend? 

She got a chance to step into my life for a bit and met about 6 or 7 of my Michael Jackson fan(girl) friends. Listening to Michael music, being around fans, and sharing my love for MJ with others has always been something I’ve been so passionate about. 

It felt good to let someone into my world, even for just a few hours. 

I might do it again sometime. 

Do you guys attend MJ-related events often?
Do you go solo, with your regular friends, or exclusively with other fans?

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