Goin' Places- The Michael Jackson HIStory Statue at Mandalay Bay

Things have been crazy lately. Insane. 

I've had a hectic schedule and I've only been able to sleep in my own bed for 10 nights this past month. (10 nights!) There is one more trip before I can take a couple of weeks to myself. But, before I do that... I'm turning another year older!

My birthday is next weekend and I am excited for it. I've never been one to do much celebrating but, as I've matured, I realize that all that really matters to me is being around people I love. Or just doing things I enjoy. I will definitely be sharing lots about my special day because it's going to be full of Michael Jackson and fun.

Anyway... back to business!

Lots of travel also means new installments in the Goin' Places series here on mjfangirl. All posts under this label will be about MJ related trips I've taken around the country (and sometimes elsewhere). Let's take it to one of my favorite destinations in the world...


I've been to Vegas a number of times but, a few weeks ago I got the chance to visit Mandalay Bay and see the HIStory statue in person. It was larger than I'd expected and way more detailed than I could've imagined. 


Every Michael Jackson fan has that special montage or promo clip that stands out to them.

For me it's pretty much all of them... (who am I kidding, right?)  But seriously, I've always been really into the History teaser. It features fans, Michael walking with a military behind him, lots of drama, and the unveiling of the history statue. If you haven't seen it, let me provide you with some context before we get into the nitty gritty. (Click here to watch in a new tab).

One of the things about Las Vegas, is they have a pretty interesting collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia in the Mandalay Bay hotel. I talked about this and included some photos in my blog post about the Michael Jackson One show (also at the hotel) here. The items they have on loan from the Michael Jackson estate are truly special pieces.

I have always really enjoyed seeing memorabilia because it reminds me that Michael was a real person. Even as a fan, I think sometimes, it's easy to lose sense of who Michael was as a "person" and not a "personality".

While Michael was still living I was always yearning to learn as much as I could about Michael the person. I've always been so curious about the man behind the music.  It's harder now to get a sense of that from anything apart from listening to the songs and watching the short films but, seeing Michael Jackson's sequined jackets, his shoes, handwritten notes... they all remind me that he was really here. That he was really REAL.

The statue is in the lobby of Mandalay Bay hotel, right by the check-in counter.

For fans, the experience will be surreal.
It was for me, even though the History statue was never something I was interested in seeing before. I guess I'd always accepted that it was just one of those things I would have to try and get a glimpse of someday...  but, never really thought it would happen.

The moment I saw the statue, it took my breath away.
All of the photos here are ones I personally took during my visit (on two separate occasions, during the day and again at dusk.)

The Michael Jackson History Statue is a focal point in the space it's in, standing tall on top of its own platform and boasting its own seating area.

Also, the digital screens that play a continuous loop of music video selections from the History album.

I sat at a nearby table and couch and watched how some of the people passing through reacted to the statue. I was close enough to hear the music and reactions as people walked up to (or past) it. I only saw one person in about an hour and a half actually pose for a photo in front of it.

One of my friends remarked when she saw it, "I wish it was more accurate". Obviously she was not familiar with the statue or the album cover it graces. I share her reaction because I think it may be the norm for the general tourist in and out of that hotel. Since the HIStory statue isn't something super well-known to the casual Michael Jackson fan, I think a lot of people just look at it and don't pay it much mind. But, again- that was just my observation from my 90 minutes there. Although the screens play "Earth Song" "TDCAU" and some other short films from the album, I would love to see the HIStory teaser as a part of the reel as well. I think it would give a little more background for people really looking to understand it.

One of the things that I DO love about the placement and set-up, is that there are lots of seats in the area. I am a firm believer that Michael's art is something that needs to be consistently talked about and shared. I'm glad that the thousands of people that walk through the lobby each day, will get to hear songs from one of Michael's most personal albums, even if just as background music.

Here are some quick tips on visiting the Michael Jackson statue next time you're in Sin City:

1. Bring a friend. It's really hard to document how large the statue is without someone to take your photograph in front of it. I unfortunately was there alone the first time I went and had to do a selfie but, couldn't capture it well enough to do the statue justice. 

first attempt at a photo 

But second time's a charm!

Which leads into my next piece of advice...

2. See it at night too! The statue is under moving spotlights that give the illusion similar to that of the History album cover (see below).

But this looks MUCH cooler after the sun sets.

Sure, it was difficult for me to see the facial feature detail after dark but, I recommend seeing it both during the day and at night. Especially because at night, the music playing on it is much much louder and the ambiance is just different!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for lots more updates from the West Coast (totally throwing out hints here)!

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Until next time…

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